New Make Up for 2013

It has been a long while since i have my freestyle blogging…! Get loaded with all the food and travel posts? Dont be dont be.. let me entertain you with some of my own photos for now. *grin* Consider a break? Hehehehehehe!! Cant wait for my 20 pieces of camwhoring photos! MUAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Somewhere around June 2013 after i revamp my bloggie.. suddenly decided to change my make up as well. Hehehe. Just randomly new~

1Jus done attracting all my pictures from my phone but only gonna blog about it maybe tomorrow or day after tomorrow. I am soo sleeepy niaooo

Anyway.. Heres two of the make ups i always wear. *wink*

2Devilish Red

3and Nudely Pink 

Which one nicer nei?