OZ Barbeque Buffet @ Grand Margherita Hotel, Kuching

Thank you Eileen for the Invitation!! As usual… Grand Margherita once again bringing you the utmost dining experience throughout your weekends… the OZ Barbeque Buffet!!!! Whatever salivate Australian food you can think of…. now you can enjoy it at Orchid Garden Coffee House, Grand Margherita Hotel!!!

Imagine all the food you can get at your buffet line… Ready to go?????

Head on to the Salad bar for some healthy appetizer first…

Other than the Caesar salad and garden salad… Grand Margherita Hotel presents to you variety types of creative salad to satisfy your taste bud…

The first to caught my attention was this..!

Roasted Pumpkin & Spinach Salad with Balsamic Vinaigrette….

Smoked Tasmanian Salmon…. *everyone’s favourite i guess*

Pan-seared Tuna Mignon with Spinach Noodle..

Served beautifully 🙂

Potato Salad..

And a whole selection of Cheeseeee!!!

Moving on… they also have cold pasta served as appetizer as well…

Some of the very recommended are : Pasta with Smoked Chicken Slice & Pesto

Pasta with Seafood

Coleslaw with raisin

Garden Salad with fresh parsley..

And Fresh Prawn Salad…

If you are not satisfy with it… They even have the bread corner..

I especially love the butter… in flowery shape!! *kakaka*

A bowl of soup perhaps?? Light mushroon soup with tomato herb croton or Roasted Tomato & Cinnamon Soup with Avacado en-route… i prefer the Roasted Tomato & Cinnamon 🙂

Trust  me.. i was like.. a quarter full after revealing all the appetizer!! Turned around…

KABOOOM!!! SEAFOOD SECTION!!!! I cannot resist the temptation of fresh prawns and oysters!!!!! *help*

Drowned me with all of them…. *nom nom nom*

The Mains..!! Calling for all the STEAK LOVERS!!!! *woohoooo*

Best among the best!! Smoked BBQ Beef Ribs!!! *thumbs up* It was soft and tender.. juicy… and… addictive!!! the steak was like caramelized!! Yes! thats the word! *kakaka*

Another favourite of mine.. Spicy lamb burger with Coriander Yogurt Dressing..!!

Honey Mustard Chicken Drum

Pepper Venison with Mango Salsa..

Pan-seared Chicken Mignon with Brown Rice

Soya-marinated Chicken Wings

Whole BBQ Baby Barramundi with lime mayonnaise

Oven-Baked Atlantic Salmon Tapenade on Wasabi Mash

If you prefer something light.. go for BBQ Corn on the Cob Or Baked Potato with Cream & Green Onion..

Or even Roasted Seasonal Vegetables…!!

Australian-like.. you can opt for 3 different types of Sausages.. and Pizza..

Or even Pasta and Spaghetti.. just place your order and they will serve to you in mins…!

Apart from that.. the showmanship station offers a selection of beef, chicken or lamb yokitori as well as okomomiyaki and teppanyaki… Eat all you can 🙂

My first round….!

Second round…….!!

Seafoood!! *nom nom*

Oh.. forgot to introduce my candlelight dinner partner….!!

RoseWong for the day!!!

And our Girl-Next-Table : Eileeen!!!!!! <3<3 Oh.. the corn lover.. she got this special skill to slice of the corn in a perfect shape!!


Ahhhh! nom nom nom.. Yes.. this is our Third Round!!!

After the mains… 80% full.. i would love to fill my tummy with more smoked beef ribs and lamb burger but but… i have to give the tummy to this……………..!!!

DESSERTS!!!! they all look beautiful arent them??! 🙂 🙂

Honeydew love* light and comfy..

Fruits jelly… *thumbs up*

Strawberry with sort of cream cheese fillings and strawberry sauce!!! *OMG….i would say.. i can finish the whole glass of it!!* its not that sweet… just awesome!

Mini Chocolate Eclair…

Australian Custard Pie..

Australian Swiss Roll

Strawberry Cheese Cake…


and a lot more of the International Pastries…!!! *sinful*

Lostling and I tried almost all of them… *grin*

Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

Round 4

*our fav*

Round 5……. something light…

or mayb… Round 6? *lalalalala*

If you want to enjoy the mouth-watering food…!!! Please kindly call 082-423111 ext 1158 (Orchid Garden Coffee House) for your reservation!!! All hail OZ Barbeque Buffet!! *love love*

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