Penang (Day 4)

Ok.. i m not feeling well right after i get back from penang.. *haih* and soon i m getting lazier and lazier to post everything.. so make it SHORT. =.=” Day 4 of Penang is all gonna be visiting visiting and visiting.. and here u can see i m getting tanner everyday hor.. haih! sobx!


Ok.. we booked a cab to bring us around town for the past 2 days.. RM 30 per hour..i very good tour guide i shud say.. thanks uncle Simon! First station he bring us to Penang Bridge.. We din went across so just somewhere near it!


Woohoo! i m kinda excited bout it coz everyone is talking about snake temple when mentioned penang! However.. there is Not much snakes around.. just some kept in the snake farm and some for photo taking! i heard my mummy daddy say last time when they visited Penang 20 years ago.. YES.. 20 years ago.. there are snakes in the temple.. under the tables.. at the corner.. and everywhere around the temple.. but now..NTH AT ALL.. ^^ and its under construction so its damn ugly.

Once we enter the temple!! woohoooz!! i saw snake!! thats wad i want!! hahaha!! i only wan the big one actually coz small one kinda gelik but.. nvm.. still cute! hahaha.. i got big one.. i got small one..

TADAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! see those 2 little green snakes! eeuww!! i like bubu better.. sobx! the snake named BuBu.. same as my bear bear at home.. =…(

Heres some picture of snake temple.. see see? no snakes! 

Snake farm.. RM 3 per entry.. well.. got 50 species of snake lah.. kinda cool lah.. and..

they actually put REAL TORRTOISESSSS at the corner just like that!! u see!! at first we thought was fake one..!


Penang is full of different types of temples! this one is one of the veyr famous.. kek lok si temple.. =) its huge and its so up the hill.. 

hahaha!! do we look alike??

Thhat guan Yin is so huge!!! 

In the theme park… =)

Our chinese horoscope!! weeehehe! is it called horoscope? wadever lah!

Tortoise pooL? yucks! its really full of tortoises!!! 

AFter that.. we went to the very very very very very VERY VERY VERY famous Asam LAksa in Penang!! Uncle simon says that particular stall is the popular among all.. and u can see ppl snaping pictures of it.. so guess its really famous! i did snap the picture too! and the tauke is so friendly! hahaha

Never EVER compared PEnang laksa and SArawak laksa!! Its TOTALLY DIFFERENT DISH OK!!!! Penang laksa got a strong smell of fresh sardines.. with lotsa sayur and bawang and.. big bee hoon? 


And Sarawak Laksa is Totally different thing! 

SARAWAK LAKSA ( i heart sarawak laksa so much )


Oh.. din get to go up the Penang Hill COZ the cable car is under contructionnnnn!! so unlucky! sobx!!!

anyway.. i manage to snap a pic.. evidence of me reaching that foot path.. =)

WAT CHAYAMANGKALARAM (sleeping buddha)

This is a famous tourist attraction.. the Siamese temple which enormous Sleeping BUddha!

huhuhu!! got dragon pearl can! 

And of coz.. super ultra big sleeping buddha inside!


This is another temple just OPPOSITE the siamese temple.. Well.. wad can i say? they look quite alike oso lah..

Just that the everything in Burmese Temple is GOLD colour…!

And they oso not losing the point.. they got GIANT buddha inside.. look how big it issssssss…


for tea break.. we went to new world park again… well.. as i said before, Penang ppl is really nice and friendly!! seriously! except two.. so far in the trip.. i only saw 2 rude ppl in town.. one is the aunty selling the ice kacang at new world park and another is the uncle selling ice kacang oso!! in New Gurney Drive.. hahaha!!! 

This is HER ice kacang! not bad lah!! coz got banana!! my favourite!!!! and oso mango!! my second favourite! hehehehheheheeeeeeeeee!

Tee-Nya-Kueh.. well.. we saw this in a TV show and i decided to giv it a try.. nice oso! taste like ondeh ondeh.

Chicken Pie.. Hmm.. *mummy one nicer*

Banana Pancake.. haha! no doubt.. this is Mine lah!! i love banana! Oh.. one thing i notice.. Penang have Banana Penang everywhere! just like Fried Oyster.. they have it at every corner.. =)

Fried Oyster….. like i just mentioneddd.

Roti Canai.. i like the curry.. =) 

Murtabak chicken.. not bad oso… but i prefer the one near my hotel! 


YUp.. we went to Red Garden for Supper again!! one thing great about red garden! u will never get bored.. u noe why?? they actually have lotsa programmes in it.. like this night we went.. its dancing nite isit? coz there are TONNNES of AH MAs and AH GONGs dancing.. and they are actually spending their time lepaking in red garden!! cool lah! and i heard them announced.. they actually have singing nite, heineken nite, calsberg nite, ladies nite.. and casual nite something like that! and how freaks me… ALL THE AH MAS and AH GONGS drink BEER!!! hahahahaha!! u can imagine.. ah ma drinking beer, hands holding cigarrette and face with thick make ups and low cut dress! woooots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! swear its true!

Ok.. back to food.. =D

Chay Kuey Tiao..

Thailand style Pork Rice

Japanese Chicken rice set

and some BBQ sticks.. Beef, mutton, sausage and chicken! Mutton is the best!

We reached there at almost 9pm.. finish our food at 9.15pm and be “entertained” by the shows until almost 10.30pm!! hahaha! funny can! Perhaps.. when i m old.. i wanna dance with my hubby oso!