Penang (Day 5&6) -Final-

HAHA! ok! this post is gonna be my last post on Penang.. too many Penang very sien can? hehe! Same thing we did everyday.. went for breakfast. A normal coffee shop near our hotel and its opposite 78 cafe. Before that! CAMHO!!!!!! 

They say the Chay Kuey Tiao there was nice..but i still prefer 78 cafes. haha


Fish Cake

Nasi Lemak


SOme BAO tabao from the Opposite….. 78 cafe! hahaha!!! (white lotus vs Meat bao)


This is a very old fort used during FRANCIS LIGHT time..

and we love FRANCIS LIGHT!!!! he is my idol during FORM 1 history class can! hahaha! but i don really wads the story di… =.=”

The famous Sri Rambai.. the canon la to be exact. 

It was kinda boring when i suddenly saw sth! argh!! snake!!!!!!!! hahahahahahahha!! They have the original one like the snake temple one and also a YELLOW one! omg omg! i never took any pic with Yellow snake.. *winks*

Here it goes.. ITs name is exactly called YELLOW.. and it is freaking strong.. not as tame as the BUBU at snake temple. =)

We left our finger prints here b4 we left.. entry fee is RM 3.. nth to watch except for YELLOW.. wuahahhaa!


ENtry Fee.. RM 12.. Hmm.. just okok la.. if u have no where to go then can consider to go lah. =)

Oh..i almost got ONE!!!

U can seee this sign everywhere.. u can touch it gentlely but not to GRAB.. =)

Not only butterflies.. they have insects, reptiles and so on.. look at these scorpions.. they can actually turn Blueish green…! *ting*

papa and his favourite big bug! wuahahaha!

Butterflies are pretty… BUT.. we can almost only see ONE species!! which is the white one! Its everywhere and its all the same.. but luckily when we are on our way to exit.. we suddenly AT LAST saw some different one.. first time kinda like :” eee.. why is the butterfly so weird in shape?” and when we look properly.. nearer..

AAAIKS!!! Go get a room LEAF la.. so open one meh.. T.T


Ok.. a nice i suppose. its so big..i wonder why dont they try to feed some whales inside?


Oh gosh! wad can i say? so stupid for me to actually go there u noe! hahaha!! just tropical fruits! as if i never see tropical fruits ar.. hahaha.. nolah.. my main purpose is to find DURIAN and Mangosteen there.. BUT once i heard wad the uncle say.. straight away i don wan go to the farm liao..

Uncle : ah moi.. jika kamu datang dua bulan lepas.. Banyak durian banyak mangosteen.. suka hati kamu pilih.. sekarang.. nanas ada la.. mau? hehehe.. (still hehehe gok..sobx) but the uncle very nice lah,,

Me : huhu.. nvmlah.. *sobx* saya mau durian leh..

Uncle : hahahahhahaha!!! 

Me : =.=”

The nanas is like so DRIED UP.. and everything look not fresh leh.. dry dry like that. hahahaha!! So i din even go for the farm visiting lo.. RM 25 per person can. =(


Time for makan makan.. I like new gurney drive more as compared to red garden bcoz they have more selection of FOOD.. but one thing bad about new gurney drive.. so many beggars and orang yang suka suka minta duit can? so if u wan to go there to eat.. Bring more COINS.. bring tonnes and tonnes of coins..! some will just drag to ur side near ur leg there and look at u! how scary!!! *sobx******* -i m not insulting those beggars ar.. i jus saying some of them are not beggars but pretending they are..-

The ice kacang cendol is nice!! the coconut smell is heavy and yum yum! but the tauke is kinda not customer friendly lah.. >.<“

Fried Oyster stall in front..Gosh! not good? =)

Fried Osyter stall behind.. Thumbs up!! oyster so manyyyyyy

Banana Pancake.. hohoho! new world park one so much nicerrr

Pasembur.. nah!! this is the one i said its super nice!!! REcooMMenddeddddd!!! RM 8.50. U can add anything u wan lah.

Curry Mee.. i shudnt ordered this. i love pasembur

Char Kuey Tiao. no comment.

One more to add!! the roti canai i say its super delicious at the Lorong near my hotel.. remmeber? i duno where to squueze in so jus put it here lah.. the lorong serve cool food can! i miss their nasi Kandar too!! 

Next morning we went to another dim sum house at Lebuh Kimberley..called..leong.. leong..leong.. argh.. nvm!! figure it out la hor..lebuh kimberley only got two dim sum house which are the Da dung and the leong-duno-wad one lah.. but this one is obviously NOT so nice with less choices.

Pork Roll

Yam Puff

Har Kao

Spicy Fried thingy! (this one is nice!)

Siu mai

pork again in sweet and sour sauce

Bao.. the first and ONLY bao in penang which i think its not so nice

Lo mai gai

and seaweed dumplingsss!

so before we headed to the airport.. we went to the penang upper road (the Garage)!! hoho!! its surely a very HAPPENING places for entertainment at night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So here it end my Penang trip.. ! Look at those LoLipop i saw in Airport! i super love to eat lollipop!! but but.. it was so BIGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!



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