Ramadhan Buffet at Grand Margherita Hotel Kuching 2014

Ramadhan Month, a Holy month of July, where all the hotels start getting busier for the special arrangement of berbuka puasa. This time, we bersungkei with Grand Margherita Hotel Kuching. If you realised, it had been long ago since i stepped in this hotel. How i miss those time too. I think i am getting old keep whining non stop about the great old days.

 DSC04526Anyway, bersungkei with Grand Margherita Hotel Kuching at their Macam Macam Bistro. The setting is similar almost every year. The choices of food is impressive and there’s outdoor and indoor seating arrangement for your preference… 


DSC04515Or even poolside 🙂


DSC04537The signature in all the Ramadhan buffet, the roasted lamb. Lamb was tender and juicy.

They do have different station serving different kind of cuisine as well. Among the popular ones are the Mekong Station, The BBQ Station, Different types of cuisine from the different states in Malaysia… 

DSC04522They have a lot of Penang’s as well. From Penang Char Kueh Tiaw.. to Penang Asam Laksa..



DSC04542To our own locals.. The belacan bihun.

DSC04524To the Gulai, Curry, Rendang and all the meats..

DSC04508It caters for all kinds of people to berbuka puasa together.

DSC04528If you’re still opting for others.. Theres always the international buffet in the indoor hall awaiting you..

DSC04527Or more.. the japanese cuisine. But FYI, there is no Sashimi Served. 

20140716_192806_resized_pMe and Jacqueline as usual, we had a lil bit of everything.. Do not be overwhelmed by the food taken… we share. 🙂 and continue the diet plan tomorrow. Always a tomorrow T.T

I think its easier i just show what we have eaten nah 😀

DSC04531For Appetizer, we had smoked duck slices, jelly fish, baby octopus, seaweed, scallop skin and some sushis

DSC04534For the BBQ Station, we opt for BBQ prawns, BBQ lamb rack and Ikan Terubok

DSC04539Grilled beef sausages, chicken sausages, murtabak, naan and the yogurt beef

DSC04535Main Dish we had steamed prawns, fried chicken, beef kicap, tempeh berempah..

DSC04544For the Mekong Station… We had pho. the soup is sweet but the presentation really lack of something.

DSC04538And also the seafood palla, vietnamese sauteed potatoes, lamb curry, chicken with spices

DSC04548And the Ramadhan specialty corner, Bubur pedas!!! Pumpkin & Cangkuk manis in coconut milk, prawns and more lamb. They have very delicious lamb here. 

If you are not stuffed enough, go for the dessert. This time, we really dont have space for dessert anymore. 


DSC04530They look pretty i supposed. 


DSC04555However, we had the local dessert on the other hand. hehehehe! The peanut ball is good 😀

DSC04513The ramadhan buffet is priced at RM 93++ per adults from 6.30pm to 10.00pm. Please do call 082-423 11 for reservation.