Ramadhan Buffet at Hilton Kuching 2014

Another Ramadhan Buffet. Wrong decision to plan my diet on the Ramadhan Month. Hilton Kuching will be having the ramadhan buffet until the 28th July 2014 so few more days if you want to try out the buffet there.

DSC04745A sweet tooth platter for each table. They are serving some kumars, “kuih sipit”, Tebaloi and local egg muffin.


DSC04754The appetizer platter is at the middle of the restaurant. They have the traditional ulam as well as all kinds of salads.

DSC04796I had (clockwise) tuna salad, honey & prawn salad, beef salad, chicken salad and greek salad. Greek salad is the preferable one.

DSC04763Apart from that, the japanese corner. Look at the unlimited supple of salmon sashimi!

DSC04766I have my portion too.. I mean two portions of those..

DSC04755The seafood station. 

DSC04775I like the mussels, in fact, love it.. they are fresh and sweet. Together with the wasabi and coriander chilli sauce. Fabulous.

DSC04800And my so call second portion of salmon sashimi together with some crabs. Yums

DSC04760My forever love, the bread. Bread is freshly made every morning. The sourdough is just perfect with a knob of butter

DSC04759Or the mains, dint really took a lot of photos of the mains because they are quite similar — Curry, Rendang, Gulai. you named it, they are probably all there

DSC04757But… the highlight of the buffet, or i should say my personal no.1 favourite — The roast lamb!!

DSC04777Roast lamb is just so moist and fragrant. the mayo mint sauce add another flavors to it. Just look at the meat. It tasted as good as it looks.

DSC04771Or if you are not a lamb person, go for the roasted chicken. Equally juicy.

DSC04816For chinese cuisine, they have dim sum, noodle soup and belacan mihun

DSC04809The belacan mihun is actually not bad. Strong finishing

DSC04769For the outdoor section, they served BBQ food mostly..

DSC04782-tileYES. BBQ lamb, BBQ chicken. BBQ Fish, BBQ Beef.. and even Otak Otak

DSC04780And something you wont missed — 

DSC04781The Satays

DSC04786At the end of the outdoor area, they have Shawarma



DSC04793Kebab served in a pocket with vegetables & sauce

Or . hmm… i guess its call Naan & kebab 

DSC04787Because they have naan

DSC04788and they have kebab. Hmmm.. dint really try out the naan & kebab tho

DSC04746Wash down all your sinful meal with air bandung, mango juice or even air kumar. I like the air kumar here because its not too sweet.

AND here comes dessert time!!



DSC04772Hello dearest.. you can go western, you can go local. I like both

DSC04806First plate (clockwise) Cake lapis, Pandan cheese cake (thumbs up i finish it all), strawberry cheesecake, tako, Ondeh-Ondeh, bread & pudding and orange cheesecake (middle). The pandan cheese cake is a blast! 

DSC04811Second plate (clockwise) Crepe, oranges, watermelon & honeydew

DSC04810And then i have my pulut hitam.. BUT.. sorry to say.. its very tasteless T.T

DSC04801-vertAis kacang and fruit mix

Overall the dining experience was average. But i would say some really are really impressive. My personal favourite are the roasted lamb, the sashimi of coz, the otak otak, pandan cheesecake and the sourdough. 

DSC04752If you are interested to give it a try, the price per adult is RM 92++ from 6.30pm to 10pm. Have a great day!