Ramadhan Buffet at Pullman Kuching 2015

ITS JUNE! Once a year Yusuf Taiyoob Time!

DSC02627Happy berbuka puasa to all the muslim friends! First stop for this year I’ll  be presenting the Ramadhan feast in Pullman Kuching! This year, blending in a very spectacular candle ritual that lights up the Holy month of June. 

DSC02642The candle ritual is originated from the French roots. An old custom of lighting the streets of Paris from the reign of King Louis XIV during the mid 17th century. The meaning behind for the candle lighting ritual is believed to chase away the shadows of the dark and to usher the magic of the night, earning a nickname “La Ville Lumiere” or as you prefer, “City of Lights”. 

DSC02643 DSC02644 DSC02645 DSC02647 DSC02650 DSC02654 DSC02656Thank you Pullman Kuching for making this Holy Month more interesting and memorable. 

DSC02685_pAnd for this year Ramadhan Feast, we have the new GM of Pullman Kuching, Mr. Terry Butt-Gow whom just took over the office early this month. I guess we will meet quite often then. Haha!

A wider range of buffet selections, Pullman Kuching offered more than 150 dishes comprising of the local favourites, traditional Malay cuisines and International cuisines. As usual, there is also a line of live food stalls outside Puzzle’s terrance, serving both barbeque and roasted dishes. 

To start off is the Ulam platter.

DSC02551 DSC02550From umai ikan, salai lumek, umai udang, jeruk, salada and ulam-ulaman with assorted condiments. I think if you tried all the ulam section, you will be half full already. 

The clay-pot section, they have a wide range of selection.

DSC02571-tileFrom Ayam Masak Merah, Kari Daging Berkentang, Sambal udang petai, bawal hitam masak assam pedas, tumisan aneka sayuran, gulai daging kambing to dalca sayur sayuran. However, the menu will varies a little bit everyday. 

One of the highlight of the Ramadhan buffet is their live food stalls outside Puzzle’s terrance. Lets see one by one!

DSC02569The MAIN dish of the night — Roasted Whole Lamb

DSC02554Roasted chicken and duck stall

DSC02555-horzMini Kawah Counter — Serving Gulai Kawah Daging, Gulai Kari Kepala Ikan, Gulai Ayam Berkentang and Sup Ekor Lembu

DSC02559Kampung Corner – Bubur pedas and Bubur Lambok 

DSC02560Chicken Sharwama corner

DSC02563Roti Canai Stall

DSC02566Pilihan Ikar Bakar Stall

DSC02564Nasi Briyani 

DSC02565Roasted Beef!! 

Oh so good for the outdoor live food stall. If you haven stuffed yourself, you can always filled up your tummy again in the international buffet line inside the restaurant.

DSC02581Ulam is not your thing? Go for the western salad!

DSC02582-tileNicoise, Bavarian potato Salad. Roasted Beef Salad and Pasta Salad!

For the mains, an array of delicious fusion dishes to choose from. 

DSC02588-tileFrom Tomato Sauce Penne, Chinese Style Braised Duck with Yam, Seafood stew with vegetables, fried egg noodle with seafood. Not only that, they have more..

DSC02595-tileGrilled chicken with BBQ sauce, wok tossed black pepper beef, Kung po chicken and Chinese braised cabbages. All you can eat!

DSC02579The aneka goreng goreng under the hitting lamp they have sotong goreng, ketam bunga goreng, hati lembu goreng, badal ayam goreng and hati ayam goreng. All the fried things you can find under this hitting lamp roof.

DSC02608Another fritters counter beside it, serving Ais Krim goreng, ubi goreng, keledek goreng and pisang goreng. yums!

DSC02610And the noodles counter! I would want to mention this more because this year they did it very well for the counter. Both the Laksa Sarawak and Mee Kolo are impressive. Surpringly good and flavourful as compared to the previous year! I’ll show you in the later part 🙂

Enough for the savoury dishes, now its for the sweet tooth. I believed no matter how full you are, theres always room for dessert! Yes! Dessert! Not only the dessert bar, they also have traditional malay kuih counter, ice kacang counter, fruits counter and the local dessert counter! Lets dig in!!!

DSC02616 DSC02622 DSC02623 DSC02614 DSC02613 DSC02615 DSC02625 DSC02628 DSC02632 DSC02635 DSC02633What is the better than a feast of good food? The food companion!!! There are people whom I have no seen for months. Whom we used to go food hunting together, whom we get crazy together, whom I missed a lot!

DSC02681_pThe oh nom nom nom long time no see glutton group! Hello dearest! Long time no see!

DSC02638_pEven ahlost now have upgraded become rose mama di! Hehehe!

Now, our first round second round and third round.

DSC02673 DSC02675 DSC02660

DSC02666and for the bubur pedas and bubur lambok. Not too similar like the traditional ones but still not bad!

And for the impressive tasty Laksa Sarawak and Mee Kolo that I mentioned just now.. here it is!

DSC02669Laksa Sarawak. Rose mama is a laksa addict. She said its good.. so.. its good.

DSC02690The Mee Kolo is a little bit different that the one who had at the coffee shop. This one is a fusion type of mee kolo and mee goreng. OMG just so good!! I hope the rest of the month it will remain as good as we tasted it!

DSC02691Bread and BUTTER. My all time favourite…

DSC02697Fried ice cream which is a little bit melted. But fried cream do ok too. Hahahhaa!

DSC02699And the malay kuih.. TRY the tapai! *shocked*

DSC02676Anyway, thank you Pullman Kuching, ai fern and the members for the invitation. Love your food love your service even more. And we had a very good time eating chit chatting and exchange ghost stories until the cafe closed. hahaha! 

If you have no idea where to start your berbuka puasa, Pullman Kuching is perhaps a very good choice. To avoid disappointment, please call 082 222 888 for reservation. It is priced at RM 106 nett per person and children under 12 yo will receive 50% discount. Dont miss out the good deal there!