Ramadhan Buffet at The Banquet Kuching 2015

June is definately a month to put on weight actually every month also gain lar just June gain the most with Ramadhan feast and so on, hard to resist good food especially if you are a glutton huh!

Not only hotels, restaurants are doing Ramadhan feast during this Holy month as well, The Banquet Kuching is offering a very affordable Ramadhan Buffet at the price of RM48 nett for adults and RM24 nett for children. To be precise, there are two methods to enjoy the buffer. (ONE) Purchase the Ramadhan Buffet voucher and get RM48 nett per adult. (TWO) Walk in on the day itself but you will need to bare a 6% GST on top of the RM48. So, I would recommend to call The Banquet Marketing team at 082 451 414 for the purchase of buffet vouchers and also to secure your seats.

So lets explore and see what The Banquet Kuching has to offer 🙂


DSC02700Its actually quite spacious for the diners. There’s outdoor seats and indoor seats with aircon. 

There are more than 16 stations serving different kind of food. Ranging from appetizer, rojak, steam station, soup station, BBQ station, live cooking station, burger station, chinese food station to dessert.. Of cause that’s not all of what they have, you have to go there and try it yourselves. 


DSC02721Starting off with the appetizer, I always like to go this way, i like to eat in order, and so I dont get confused as well. Hehehe. Ulam Ulaman is a must have in all the Ramadhan feast, even if I dont fancy ulam ulaman, i get used to eating it as well everytime before the feast starts. hoho.

DSC02706Rojak Station. I dont have much comment for Rojak because I dont eat Rojaks, Hehehe. But I m sure rojak fans would love it when you can mix and match your own version of rojak.

DSC02703On the Grill station, they served grilled vegetables alongside with some grilled seafood. 

DSC02707Grilled lamb chop, Sting rays and sambal squid. 

20150619_190252_resizedNot to forget, grilled chicken too. 

Lok Lok & Cucur, I believed they are somehow in the same category.. so let me just put them together ya.

DSC02709For lok lok, that day specialty will be fried chicken tail with fried fish fillet. They do have others but I like this more than the others.

DSC02711For the cucur aka fritters, they are serving 3 type per day, rotation basis, I had deep fried prawn cake, deep fried vegetable fritters and deep fried bananas!

20150619_185108_resizedWinner for my taste bud goes to deep fried vegetables! oh nom nom! It will never go wrong with chilli sauce especially!

DSC02708Hot soup station!

DSC02710Hot & Sour soup VS Chicken Soup. Or both!

DSC02713For me, bubur pedas is also one of the food that I get to eat only during Ramadhan. I am not sure if people sell bubur pedas on the normal days but seems like I can only find it during puasa month so.. never miss bubur pedas!20150619_192227_resizedNot too bad but I’ll prefer it to be more spicy. 

For the mains, they have 5 on the wok. 

DSC02714I am impressed with this roasted big prawns with spices because the prawns are big and fresh. The marination of the prawn is just spot on. Every bite of it is covered with the sauce, not too overpowering, just enough to compliment the prawns. Yums!

DSC02716The rendang beef is good as well. Nothing much to comment on Rendang but the beef is just fine. Not too chewy..!

DSC02717Mixed vegetables is good for me. They have lotsa and lotsa of black ear fungus and generous portion of mushrooms and broccoli. I am happy because thats everything that I love in my mixed vege!

DSC02718Apart from these three.. there are fried mee hoon and rice as well. I did not take a photo of it because it doesnt look appetizing.. But I was wrong! Hmmm.. 

20150619_185121_resizedNever judge a book by its cover. Never judge a food by its cover too! The fried mee hoon is surprisingly good..,. and I have to search high and low for the picture. Lucky I had one with fried mee hoon in it!! Forgive me, mee hoon! Dint know you were so delicious tho!

DSC02726At the live food cooking station, it basically where you can get your freshly made dishes!

20150619_184528_resizedMee Jawa is a YES YES! Hot creamy gravy with noodles topped with condiments. Just grab a bowl and eat it for yourself

DSC02725They have this stir fried station where food are constantly replenish but it’s gone in the next second. Whats Good?

20150619_191354_resizedThe fried white bait on the bottom left is good.. soft shell crab on the bottom right is a BIG BIG YES. Not only yes its a must try!! If you are a soft shell crab lover, you will love the additional sweet crunch on the outside. For a non soft shell crab lover like me, you will start to love soft shell crab. Or probably only their soft shell crab. I was quite reluctant to try at first because I am really not a big fans of soft shell crab. To me, its just a bunch of fried seafood flavouring flour. But I really have to admit that I started to fall in love with their soft shell crab. Unlike the normal soft shell crab, the hint of sweetness in the crunch actually helps to elevate overall taste of the fried soft shell crab. Its not just mere salty. It has level! uh huh!

DSC02723Another less appetizing food that actually taste real good. The humble Nasi Lemak… and the twist is.. its a BARIO rice nasi lemak! Its funny when you see your fellow bloggers just take a whole bowl of plain bario rice during a food tasting session. You know its good.

Next up, The Banquet Specialties… 

DSC02712Yeah! Peking duck during Ramadhan Feast!

DSC02735Just look at the goddamn crispy skin…. Peking duck doesnt necessarily needs any description.. I’ll just go gaga!

20150619_185817_resizedGod knows how many I have eaten *shy*

DSC02737Another specialty is a salt baked chicken!

20150619_190157_resizedFor a heavy taste human like me, it’s too healthy. hehehe!

They actually have quite a wide range of selection for desserts.

DSC02720Gula Apong Ice cream, Ice kacang, Coffee cendol, cakes and tart!

DSC02722I fancied the cheese tart! oh nom nom noom!

DSC02740And so, let us feast! 

unnamedThank you Zak for the invitation and its always blessed to eat with all my glutton blogger friends. Never ending topics and.. you know.. just so much love! Mua mua!