‘Say Cheese!’ @ Grand Margherita Hotel, Kuching

Another new promotion at Orchid Garden, Grand Margherita Hotel Kuching.

‘Say Cheese!!!’ Lets get Cheesy before Chinese New Year!! 😀

As usual.. 5 sections for you to cheese.

Appetizer section : Cheese Station as the first attraction.

Followed by the enticing tapas. Chicken wings with Blue Cheese Dip

Risotto Croquettes with Mozzarella and Smoked Turkey

Smoked Salmon Cheese Roll. OOoo… extremely cheesed!!

Mozzarella in Carrozza with Anchovy Sauce.

Smoked Tuna with Cheese.. I missed out the name of this.. but.. ill find out soon k.

Oh.. not forgetting Cheese & Chicken Floss Maki as well as Cheese. cucumber & crabstick Maki.

As for the soup station..

Tomato Coconut Curry Bisque or Fresh Onion Soup with Melted Cheddar Bread Slice. Its either you prefer the creamy one or the light one 🙂

No worries.. the soup station is packed with freshly baked bread for your choice.

These are the ones that really caught my attention!

Honestly speaking.. i dint manage to try the bread because i was extremely full.

But Gerald said it is very nice and unique. Not bad at all 🙂

Well.. Can tell from the look right?

Proceed to the Mains : Started off with something basic. Basmati Rice with Nuts

Butter Selection of Vegetables

Braised beef brisket with Danablu Butter & Creamed Potatoes.

Oven Baked Lasagna with Chicken Bolognaise & Cheese

Gran Moravia Crusted Cod Loin with Sauce Vierge

Slow Braised Lamb Shank on Soft Polenta with Cheese

The Soft Polenta with Cheese.. Its like tasteless potato with cheese. The texture is really unique.

Grilled Chicken on Emmental Cheese with Ragout of Tomato & Gouda

Gratin Cabbage with Tasty Cheddar Cheese. This one is the odd one. It is creamy but it aint too cheezy. Nice one!

Pasta Station. The chefs are ready to serve you your choice of Pasta.. Spaghetti, Penne or Fettuccini.

And Lastly.. everyone’s favourite.. The Dessert Station!!

All the cheesy dessert to make your day even more “cheesier”. Lotsa Cheese cake!

Coffee Cheese Cake

Dark Chocolate Panna Cotta

Cheese Mousse with Different Topping

Oriental Carrot Cake

Classic Cheese Cake

Green Tea Creme Brulee with Sweet Fruit Chutney. FIY.. thats one of my favourite..

And the very recommended one..

Cheese Pancake!!! Sweet and Cheesy. Its not only the girls’ thing because even the guys like it too! Make sure you grab one of those if not i am really gonna knock your head! hahaha!

And the Chef 🙂

The hungry crowd

The pros

The Camwhorer…

And the cheese lover. *winks*

Oh.. yes yes yes. This is how much i have eaten. hahahaha!!

Never will i missed out my blue cheese session. Perfect with prune but walnut compliments it as well.

The “Say Cheese!” is a Buffet LUNCH happening at Orchid Garden Coffee House daily from 20th-29th January 2011. Only 9 Days!! Plan your lunch here within this week k!!

Priced at RM 45++ per person. For reservations, please call 082-423111 ext 1158/1109

And don’t forget to grab the cheese pancake!