Something New Here!

I’ve decided to add something new to my Bloggie!


Yes you are right.. the fifth column saying “TRAVELOGUE” 

Although I already have the side bar categories of my travelogue..


I decided to just add something on the page attributes. Well, i guess its more user friendly as well right…

See.. the travelogue details are listed one by one specifically. Im loving it tho 🙂

And one thing that makes me guilty while i am doing the listing is that… I realized HOW LAZY i am to not update. You know what.. when i finish compile everything.. i was like.. HUH? Thats all? Yes Yes you are right again.. I still have like more than half of listed travelogue which i NEVER update. HUHUHU! A lot more to write.. Just depends if i still have the urge and motivation to update the old travelogue anymore. 

Anyway.. i will try to update nah if you are interested to read. Tehehehe!