The King’s Arm

The King’s Arm is not only an ideal chill out place in town.. they are now serving a new range of food by their new chef, Mohd Ehsan. So next time if you intend to grab a beer or paulaner for yourself.. remember to try out their new menu too!

Your favourite snacks of all time… Potato Wedges.. RM 8

Spring Roll with Thai Chilli Sauce.. RM 8

Spaghetti Aglio Olio with Seafood.. RM 20

Carbonara Fettuccine.. RM 18

Linguine Marinara.. RM 20

Chicken Roll.. RM 16

Lamb Chop.. RM 16

The lamb is so juicy and tender.. and the bone marrow.. the best of the best. hehehe!!

Served with potatoes cubes and salad. *yum yum yum*

Salmon Steak.. RM 22. Not only the salmon is soft.. the mashed potato is smooth too. On of my personal favourite of mine. 😀

The food session ended with a perfect dessert. Crepe with orange cinnamon sauce top up with vanilla ice cream. *yum yum yum* This one is currently not in the menu but well.. who knows next time might have right? *teeehehe*

We had a lot of fun chilling out at King’s Arm..

with those fun people… didacus and jaqq

Lao maooooo….

Sexay Marissa..

I super love her ring!!!

and lastly.. Evey and Jaqq~! love this pic but its blur. T.T

Anyway.. lets meet at King’s Arm again aye!