The New Band : Genre Syndicate @ The Club, Riverside Majestic Kuching

Theres a new band performing at The Club, Riverside Majestic Hotel Kuching…

“Genre Syndicate”, an Award Winning Band from the Phillipines will be performing at The Club daily at 8.45pm except for Sundays..

Day 1 of the new band.. Jason invited us to chill and enjoy at The Club.. so.. here we are..

I had this Blue Margarita from The Club.. One of the preferred cocktail of mine at The Club.. and my ambassador.. 😀

I was expecting jazz and blue.. but.. wow.. it surprised me..

The songs they performed are more towards.. rock and roll and those famous hitz.

The two hot vocalists from Phillipines even dance for us.

And Jason wanna join too.. i know! hahaha!

Hello Ladies… 🙂

Val from “Genre Syndicate Band”

Camwhoring just beside the stage! hahahaha!!

The Ladies..

And the “shy” Jason… bwuahahaha!

Oh Oh.. you can request for songs as well… Look at the busy lady. *teehehe*

So.. come and chill out at The Club when you are free k?

After a short session at The Club.. we proceed to our usual Hang Out Place..

RaJang Lobby Lounge at Grand Margherita:)… As usual.. we hang out.. mingle and enjoy the band..

And.. 3 bottles of Chandon with Buffalo wings..