The Original Macam-macam Ramadhan Mega Buffet @ Grand Margherita Hotel, Kuching

The Original Macam Macam Ramadan Mega Buffet is finally back! This year, they have more than 200 choices of food including the authentic floavours of Indochina, Middle East, Japanese, Malaysian and even Western Cuisines!!!

I arrived around 6.30pm and… was VERY shock to see the place is packed… very packed! *make sure you book your table first ya*

Yes.. Look at the people..

And this is only the outdoor part of the Mega Buffet 🙂

Oh.. Roasted Lamb is like the signature dish of the night. They have like.. a few around the place. *nom nom nom*

Middle East Cuisine… Start off with the mek mek*

And the famous kebab (chicken/lamb Shawerma)

Not only that.. look at my full plate of Middle East Cuisine 😀

This is just my starter

One of the very recommended corner will be the Indo-China cuisine..

The invited indo-china chefs are from very established hotels in Cambodia, namely Angkor Palace Hotel & Ree Hotel.

My very small portion of cambodian food

Vietnamese SpringRoll..

Ice Kacang Corner

The Penang Street Corner..

The famous Penang food top list.. Char Kuey Teow!

Penang Har Mee (Prawn Noodle)


Ju Hu Eng Zai (Kangkung and Sotong)

Bubur Pedas.. First time having this… Very Unique

The Indian Food Station..

The BBQ Station.. Serving you right on the spot..

Even Chef Ricky is there introducing all the ikan-bakar..

Oh.. not forgetting the satay.. the satay is real good….! Very tender and sweet <3

Oh.. did i mention those are only the outdoor portion? Yes Yes.. This is the indoor part..

Indoor part is more towards the international cuisine, japanese cuisine, Dessert corner and some of the ramadhan food..

Oh.. this time.. they have this special cambodian dessert..

And of coz.. some of the ramadhan food that grab my attention

Beef Liver. omg!

And this will be my mixed portion of Indian Food and the Local BBQ items

Knot take my eyes off the food 🙂 🙂 🙂

Dessert time!! From the outdoor…

From the Indoor… *slurps* The cambodian dessert is a blast….!

Not only that.. they have this glass fruity dessert..

If you prefer the asian dessert, you can always opt for this.. They have Banana Sago, Bubu ChaCha and Green Pea Soup..

And.. dont forget to bring along your loves one to share the nom nom moment together during this ramadhan…

The Mega Buffet started at 1st August and end on the 29th August at RM 80 ++ per adult.. Apart from that, You’d even stand a chance to win up to RM25,000 worth of lucky draw prizes including a holiday to an exotic destination. Please Call 082- 423 111 for reservation!! See you there 😀