The Spring Food Bazaar 2013, Kuching

Thank You Roger and Elly for the invite. This time, I have Jacqueline and MiaoMiao with me on this food testing at tHe Spring Shopping Mall Food Bazaar. The Spring Shopping Mall is the first super mall we have in Kuching. It was a huge blast for kuchingnites back then, and because of the well-controlled management on outlets coming in, they were still sustaining well with all the branded outlets. One of the most important portion in the mall will be the Food Court, because, everyone needs to eat. Hehehehe! They will be revamping and expanding the whole food bazaar by next year, coming in with a brand new level of food satisfaction for their customer. So, stay tune!

IMG_2233The familiar Food Bazaar at The Spring Shopping Mall. There are quite a number of stalls which were there since Day 1 and there are also some which are new. Start of with the new one shall we?

IMG_2208Lucky enough for us, 19 July 2013. The day when we went for food tasting was actually the soft opening day for this franchise. I Love Yoo. A famous chain outlets in west malaysia. The first in Kuching. I was so excited when i saw that because i used to have this very frequent in KL last time! Ohhhh! how i missed it!

IMG_2258The Highlight of I Love Yoo is their signature porridge. Smooth and fragrant. They have the basic one as well as the on topped with braised peanut. What is porridge best friend?

IMG_2251You Tiao??? No no no..

IMG_2256Is You Tiaoooooosssssss.. Lotsa lotsa varities! Hehehehe! “oh nom nom nom nom”

IMG_2267Apart from “i Love Yoo”. This particular Foochow style Tomato Noodle from The foochow stall beside “i Love Yoo” trigger my tastebuds too! 🙂

IMG_2216Ayiko, which they claimed its the stall from Ayuke at Jalan Song. It certainly look the same for me 

IMG_2218Pots and pots of steamboats!

IMG_2275Roger ordered one for us to try. Beside the usual one we had, the famous tomato base fish head noodle, this is another interesting one!

IMG_2212Indonesian Food – Warung Rasa Indonesia.

IMG_2242Very authentic indonesia Cuisine as the wife of the owner is a balinese. I just came back from Bali. Sooo much feel. Hehe! We had this grilled chicken lalapan style. Love it. 

Other than the newbies… we have some very good stalls since Day 1.

IMG_2221Japanese Food.

IMG_2312Fresh Salmon Slices. Irresistable!

IMG_2297They have this new stuff : Smoke duck yakitori. Woots. Juicy and Grilled to perfection.

IMG_2311And whats a Japanese Stall without sushi right? Imma a happy girl.

IMG_2225Beef Noodle. Since Day 1

IMG_2288Sustaining the good business with a bowl of flavourful mixed beef soup. Well, of coz they have others like beef noodle, beef balls and so on.

IMG_2227Arab Rice. Loyal customer tends to come back for more.. The quality control is always there.

IMG_2264One of my very favourite. Arabic/Yogurt lamb. Soft tender and juicy!

IMG_2230Nyonya Stall. They do sell a lot of dishes besides nyonya kuih.

IMG_2281I cant stop eating this, you can ask miao miao who sat beside me. It was just so good. Beef Rendang. Since miao miao don take beef, i ate on his behalf. *grin*

IMG_2276Cincalok Fried Chicken! Omg so good. This time, i can see miao miao keep eating this. 

And these are some of the food i had. I shall end this post with my ultimate love, aka the best in a lot of people’s heart…. 

IMG_2223Chicken Rice Stall. Dont ever doubt about this chicken rice stall.

IMG_2294Take a bite, a mouth or a spoonful. You can never get enough. Go and try it yourself. 

IMG_2285Oh… before i forgot.. The Spring Food Bazaar is using paper box for take away. Very environmental friendly. Thumbs up!