The Two Bananas!


Well.. yesterday went to Sushi King with Fabby and Ah Leng for AH Leng’s Farewell to AUstralia today.. haih.. Leng.. we will really missed u a lot.. noe u for so long liao… secondaRY sch til now and now u wanted to leave me and fabby… how can u… sobx sobx sobx! *sad* Pictures with fabby so will update when i got it..

Ah leng and us seems to like wont separated.. its his farewell yesterday actually but today we have dinner again.. for farewell again.. sobx! we went to The Two Bananas.. i owes wanted to go there because i have never been there.. but pik qii and lao mao them seems not interested so i went this time with fab and leng.. hehehe! FiNally i have been there!!!

Well.. the food is actually very yuMMy and the price is super reasonable with the clean environment.. its like RM 3.50 to RM 5 for the meals.. ehhehehe! snack is up to like RM 8 la.. ^^ but worth it! its nice! FOOD is yummy but the drinks.. hehe.. no comment.

I reached there super early til i have so much time taking pictures of myself.. teeehehehe!

i looked so dark ki after the sun bathing photo shoots.. haih

The interior of the place.. see my laptop? yes!! got wIfi la! muahahah!

The menu!! hoho! weird name is icon la..

The teh tarik i ordered.. never order this anyMore! so duno what it that! *screaaammmms***

My Vietnamese’s lamb noodles..  yum yum yuM! thumbs UP UP UP!!! a bit soury.. makes everything so nice! Hohoho! i will certainly go back for more!! hehehe!!!

Fabby’s special fried rice! yum again!! i can say the food there is all very nice! hehehe!!!

The prawn salad~~ *droolings* fruit are delicious.. prawn are biggy! hehehehheehhehehhe! too bad ah  leng had too much food so he din order any.. sobx!!

WUakakaka! a picture of fabby and ah Leng! Oh.. we gonna miss u ah Leng!!!! nvm.. tomolo breakfast again hor.. hahah! see.. we never separated!! we have 3 times farewell meals with him lo. hehehheheh!!

Oops… back to Food.. Shud go again me! hehehehhe!!