Tim Ho Wan Hong Kong, The World’s Cheapest Michelin Star Restaurant : Dim Sum

You can never miss dim sum in Hong Kong. Where to find good dim sum? Tim Ho Wan is the world’s cheapest michelin star restaurant founded by Mr. Mak Kwai Pui, formerly a 3 michelin starred restaurant Lung King Heen. Tim Ho Wan today has became a very famous chain dim sum restaurant with more than 5 branches in Hong Kong and now even expanded to overseas countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Australia, Jakarta, Taiwan, Hanoi and Bangkok.

DSC00063So our strategy of having shorter queue is to either wake up very early or had very late breakfast at Tim Ho Wan. We wanted to explore Central today so we headed to Tim Ho Wan branch at Hong Kong Station. Hell yes, we queued for freaking 2 hours. Don’t want to complain much because its Christmas Day and I’m sure a lot of places are not open as well.

DSC00062So we got our order coupon and waited for our turn. 2 hours later, TADA! we got our seating but somehow we feel like we are in a zoo with so many visitors. Hahahaha! There are actually people queuing for that this late!


DSC00065The famous crispy top baked char siew bun! 

DSC00069Why isit so famous? Because the crispy top is actually sweet. Like the polo bun tops but with pipping hot savoury char siew as the fillings. Every table got at least one of this! 

DSC00068The traditional glutinous rice with chicken. Most of the table got it as well but for me its so so only. Probably I need to add more soy sauce or vinegar or chilli or something like that, its just a lil bit too bland for me.

DSC00070Prawn rolls. I don’t fancy fried stuff but the amount of prawns stuffed inside is wow! 

DSC00073Prawn siew mai. Nothing to shout about but its very fresh

DSC00077Har Gao. Prawn Dumplings. AGAIN. Fascinated by the  generous portion of prawns!!! There are at least 2 big prawns in it. yum yum!

DSC00076Steamed pork ribs. My favourite dim sum to order. I like it anyhow

DSC00088Steamed beef balls with beancurd skin. Now this is one of my favourite too! The beef is very moist tender and juicy. Marination is spot on. Im sure i will order this again next time

To the cheong fun aka rice rolls : 

DSC00083Steamed rice rolls stuffed with BBQ pork for mama and le bro. 

DSC00080and Steamed rice rolls stuffed with pig’s liver for me and papa! OMG this is the bomb i tell you!!!  I am so in loved with steamed rice rolls with pig’s liver! Had it at China. Had it at Tim Ho Wan KL and now still so in loved with it! oh nom nom nom! 

DSC00085Happy with our late breakfast and here’s some other branches that you can go to.

DSC00087And guess what? The total bill adds up to HKD245 only!! #whysocheap 

It may not be the best dim sum but.. where else can you find such good quality dim sum with this price right?