Velocity Indoor Go Karting.. AGAIN

*** Updated with more pictures!

hehhe!! I m addicted! addicted to Go karting.. and proudly and happily to announce.. I m the member of VELOCITY GO KARTING liao.. muahaha!! same goes to Gordon, Kuo Yang, Rose, Johnston and Paul.. wuahahaha!!

Being a member u get this… ^^ *jeng jeng* oh gosh! my eyes are REALLY REALLY REALLY SMALL!!! T.T

SO whenever u wana go.. giv me a call eh! hahaha! any how.. we went go kart AGAIN jus now.. ME, Tim, Ting, Gordon, Rose, Johnston, Paul, Aaron, and Kuo Yang!! wooots! fun fun fun fun! this is wad i can say.. =)

Our result!! some kart are so cacated.. one kart is so super fast.. but.. still fun!! ahaha!!

WWOOTSS! compared to my previous best time.. 26s.. i IMPROVED!!!!! My best time now is 22.98 seconds per lap! *wuakakakaka* yeahhhh!! 

But that stupid kart is so so so not good.. i m NOT going to use Kart 76 anymore! so impressed tim used it at the previous session.. its so so so hard to control compared to my previous Kart 58!! huhu!.. so in the end..

I got THIS!! hahahahha!! painful can… but.. i have lotsa fun! *wwoots* Love u ppl!