Velocity Indoor Go Karting : Water Tag (NEW)

First of all… HAPPIE BDAY TO VELOCITY INDOOR GO KART!!! Calvin.. i know u r proud of it! hahahaha! Anyway.. It has been a year since i join the membership.. Woots! Remember last year October, Calvin invited us to try on this new game in Kuching… Love it!! After a year… we went again!! (Well.. of coz in between we went also lah hor)

*Velocity Post 1*

*Velocity Post 2*

Super Big Thanks to Calvin again…!! This time.. he bring us something Different.. WATER TAG!!! Last year.. we try go kart and LAZER TAG.. This Year.. we have BRAND NEW KART FROM FRance, Longer and wider track for Go Karting.. and….. WATER TAG!!!!!!!!!!!

Water Tag basically share similar concept as Lazer Tag.. Except.. of coz Water Tag we use WATER!! OKay.. i will tell u the details later!! Now.. we will focus on the FRENCH KART!!!!

The new kart now is so so so so much better than the old one..

MORE powerful to be exact.. smoother.. and.. with High Technology. Hoho! this time.. if u happen to hit the wall, bump into another kart, bump into the tyres.. as long as u knocked sth.. the kart will have a sensor and it will automatically slow down ur kart for 10 seconds! HOHO! make sure u don bump into anything ya!! 10 seconds is LONG for go karting!

And of coz.. its kinda impossible to get 18 seconds per round anymore.. bcoz.. they have LONGER ROUTE

and Extra Route!!! they expand the other side as well!!

Mr. Calvin wanted to brief us on some of the new stuff he had here.. but obviously he cant really concentrate…

Because.. everyone is busy taking photos and videos of him..

Busy Posing..

Busy making weird faces..

Busy looking at my Cam..

So.. He gave up! Hohohoo!

As usual… Gear UP!!! Yea.. i noe u miss my ninja look! *hiak hiak*

Oh.. and one more thing hor.. they have white colour as well liao!!! hahaha!!EVA IS A WHITE NINJA!

Aiyo.. a bit nervous.. coz i m using Mr. Calvin’s Kart!! hohoho!!

okay.. i m kinda ready.. but JF is still busy taking photos.. huhuhu!!

Get Set, Ready and GO… *First Round – Girls*

Ah yien on the Move!

ANd of coz.. we have Guys Turn!!

As compared to us hor.. they are extremely aggressive neh!

The Video make not b able to show how fast they ARe driving.. but trust me.. if u wan to tok.. u have to shout!!

P/S : Now.. they have all kinds of Promotions.. Couple’s Ride for RM 25!! Everyday they have different promotions.. And for LADIES!! lets go on Friday… Bcoz its LADIES NIGHT.. only RM 10!!!

Here’s the promotion picture stolen from cute eva!

Okay.. after the hot and sweaty activity.. We are going to get ourselve drenched! WATER TAG!!

To make it clear.. the difference between Lazer Tag and Water Tag is..

LAzer Tag use lazer gun to shoot on someone’s lazer-detected vest and it will collect the points when you got shooted by the lazer gun…

WATER TAG use WATER GUN (of coz) to shoot on someone’s vest… the Vest is like a plastic like thing.. once the other team shoot.. the water will go in the vest. and water will be accumulated in the vest. the team with the highest level of water in their vest LOSE. So… don let them shoot at ur vest’s direction! HoHoHo!

So this is the Water tag Field…

Its still not fully ready.. the lighting is not ready.. The Green, Red, Yellow light that will show more stunning effect is still in progress…!!! hehehe!

And of coz.. The refill zone… WHy need to refill ah? coz the water gun and only shoot one time.. then u have to go to the refill zone to pump in the water and get back in the fight again!!

Yea.. the WATER GUN.. don tell me u duno how to use. hehehe! oh.. its powerful. trust me


And of coz.. we have to wear all the things we need.. Raincoat.. Vest, Specs, rubber shoes.. and of coz ur gear!

And trust me.. the raincoat doesnt work.. YOU WILL ALL GET DRENCHED. MUAHAHA! but eevryone will feel more secure wearing the raincoat la. tehehhehe!!

Rule 1 : Do not fight and shoot in the refill zone. *ahem*

Rule 2 : SHOOT ur opposite TEAM hard!!

ANd of coz… I m in the GREEN team.. with JOHNSTON… so we WON! HAHAHAHAH!

the Aftermath!!

Chenky ran outside the water tag field.. but who cares.. everyone still chase after him..!! until the carpark. hohoho! *do not do that ya*

All drenched

Even the shoes are flooded!

I love u guys!! and Mr. Calvin…!! Its such a wonderful time with all of u!! and Mr. Calvin got shot too!! everyone knows who shoot him but.. not goin to reveal here. MUAHAHAHAH!!

For the LAzer Tag.. they charged RM 10.. but WATER Tag.. only RM 6!!!

ANd for members.. you r special!!

OH.. i remember when i blog about Velocity last year.. a lot of my juniors from Swinburne ( i m ex-swinburnian) did giv me a call and ask about it.. For those who say the previous kart is a bit hard to handle.. u will love this new kart from FRANCE!.. for those who love go kart.. u will LOVE it even more!!

You Go Swinburners!! ^^ You can just text me to ask for info if u wan. ^^

Or directly to Mr.Calvin

Picture stolen from Eva’s Blog! hehehe! *muaks*

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and YA..

we still go for KUEH CHAP altho we are all drenched. *nyek nyek*

*slurps* when will be the next round?

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