Vietnamese Buffet at Puzzle, Pullman Kuching

What will you think of when u see this? *grin*

IMG_2316The long awaited Vietnamese Themed Buffet is finally here in both Puzzle and Nu Er Hong Restaurant, Pullman Kuching. 

IMG_8522Ever since our awesome food hunting trip to Vietnam last April, we crave for vietnamese food ever since then. *slurp*

IMG_2398Chef Viet Anh Nguyen is one of the specially invited Vietnamese guest chef from Hanoi to coordinate and serve the authentic vietnamese dishes at Puzzle and Nu Er Hong Restaurant. Most of the vietnamese dishes that you can think of.. like Pho, Vietnamese Spring Roll, Prawn Fritters, Vietnamese salad and even the Vietnamese drip coffee can be all found in here. 

IMG_2426Helllo!!! I am here to eat eat eat again….! *oh nom nom nom*

Started off with Vietnamese Appetizer : 

IMG_2328Ho Tay Prawn Fritters

IMG_2331The chef is serving us the prawn fritters on the spot.. served hot 🙂

IMG_2407Prawn on sugar cane. My personal favourite

IMG_2333Mushroom steamed pancake

Vietnamese Salad :

IMG_2320No.. not this kind… A lil bit more interesting than that 😀

IMG_2338-tile1.) Chicken Salad with Herbs  2.) Pomelo Salad with Prawn Southern Style  3.) Green Papaya salad & Grilled Beef  4.) Prawn Steamed Pancake

IMG_2394This prawn steamed pancake definitely taste a lot a lot better than it looks. hehe! im surprised!

Vietnamese Noodle Station : Pho

IMG_2391They have Pho Ga and Pho Bo which is pho in chicken or beef.

IMG_2325I opt for beef one

IMG_2364And you can add your own condiments or eat it plain.

IMG_2392Anything you like……….

For carving station :


IMG_2323-tileRoasted Beef & Grilled fish vietnamese style

Apart from these, they also have different kinds of Vietnamese Hot Dishes

IMG_2342*hint* Dont unestimated the fried rice inside that pot 🙂 Rosey the fried rice lover and Jacq the not so fried rice lover both love it 🙂

IMG_2343-tile1.) Sweet & Sour mud fish broth  2.) Grilled prawn & Traditional Vietnamese fish cake  3.) Braised chicken with lotus & mushroom  4.) Grilled squid & Chilli

Vietnamese Dessert stall : The section that we went back and forth for the most.

IMG_2382“Suong sa hat luu” sweet soup. (the colourful ones behind) Its like glutinous sago kinda thing cover with mung bean. *yums* and Pomelo Sweet Soup. Pomelo sweet soup is one of my personally favourite as well. Its pomelo skin soaked in sweet soup and topped with coconut milk. the pomelo skin is crunchy with a lil bit of bitterness but the creamy fragrant coconut milk goes well perfectly with it. Its addictive!!!

IMG_2385Red rice & coconut milk (front) something that i wont miss everytime i dine in Puzzle. The one at the back will be lotus sweet soup

IMG_2381Coffee Jelly. Something new 🙂


IMG_2384Local dessert. Childhood kuih muih. hehe!

Apart from the Vietnamese Themed Buffet selection, They have the normal international buffet to go with it. 

IMG_2354-tileAnd honestly, i think dessert served in Pullman Kuching is one of the very best among other hotels. No matter how much food they served, we will still reserved a big space for their dessert *grin*






IMG_2378I am totally not a dessert person but somehow…. i enjoyed the dessert in Pullman Kuching a lot 🙂 *oh nom nom nom*

IMG_2403Not forgetting.. they have this pretty vietnamese lady to serve us. Vietnamese is always so pretty

Okay.. time to dig in!!

IMG_2404The portion for 3 ladies to share and 1 plate for Jimmy himself. hehehe!

IMG_2427My eating partner… Jimmmmmmmy

IMG_2425and these usual two noty ones. Hehehe. Jacq & Rosey being busy with her hand and her mouth hor..

IMG_2422With my favourite chicken sugarcane. Bite the balls with the sugarcane together. Love it!! or probably i have not eaten a fresh sugarcane for ages di!


IMG_2409For the ladies and left over to the guy

IMG_2411Jacq patiently peel off all the prawn skin to feed us because everyone is lazy to eat prawn. Got mama de feel right?

And… I want to confess… i have an addiction.. it cannot be controlled.. i think i have been infected since i was young… and it goes stronger when i grow older… 

IMG_2438i cannot resist bun/bread and butter!!! <3<3<3

IMG_2434Hello bun! i love u so much i think i should eat you up and let you live in my tummy. Wuahahahaha!

IMG_2430I dont wan to story about my missing butter after camwhoring with it. Huhuhuhu!! You know who the culprit is.. 


IMG_2437 (2)Anyway.. do drop by to have a taste of the Vietnamese Cuisine because the promotion is only available from the 23rd August until 1st September 2013 only. Come and share the joy and food with your loves one. 


Lunch : 12 noon – 2.30pm. RM 49++ per adult and half price for children from 5 -12 yrs old

Dinner : 6.30pm – 10pm. RM 69++ per adult and half price for children from 5-12 yrs old

To avoid full house, please call +6(0)82 222 888 for reservation. I dont mind if u want to bring me go gei.

20130823_190758_mr1377363598923 (1)I’ll end the post with the lovely picture of us with the charming GM of Pullman Kuching. See u soon too Eric!! hhehehe