What to eat at Kuching Fest 2014?

The continuation of Kuching Festival 2014… 

DSC05180After the preview of the stalls in Kuching Festival yesterday, now it would now be the food list. What to eat at Kuching Fest 2014? There are so many choices of food, ranging from the popular one to the creative one.. so what to eat? What is the must try? This post is solely based on my personal review and opinion. Just a reference. I’ll list down my top 5 to eat as well. Hehehe! 

Something that you dont really get it from the normal restaurants in Kuching.. The Spanish Churros. Be alert that there is two churros outlets in Kuching Festival. But please look up for this one, it more like a spanish churros. The others, well.. its not that they are not good, they are more like crepe with icing sugar rather than churros. I prefer this one, way better.

DSC05054Their best seller are chocolate churros and cheese churros. 


DSC05001Chocolate churros dusted with some cinnamon icing sugar and dip with chocolate sauce.

DSC05036And the cheese one, not only the it is topped with shredded cheddar, the churros is filled with cheese sauce as well… 

DSC05038_p*weeee* served it when its still hot and the cheddar will slowly melted when you are tasting every bite of it. ^^

Durian Paradise. Everything about Durian.


DSC05007The durian pancake used to be my favourite few years back but now, the durian filling is getting lesser and lesser 🙁

DSC05004And the durian spring roll. As a durian fans, i think its nice as long as its durian related. Hehehe

Pirates Rice Balls 海盗饭团


DSC05022It was again, my favourite few years back. I first had it in Taiwan in the year 2010 and had it second time 2 years back in Kuching Fest 2012 and back then it was good.


DSC05045To my disappointment, this year the rice is overcooked and its lack of seasonings. But the ingredients and the combination is still something i love. 

Long House BBQ 长屋烤肉



DSC05028All sorts of BBQ stuff… and this open BBQ concept definitely draws my attention. 

DSC05029They had a lot of choices.. like BBQ pork, BBQ squids, BBQ cocker and so on..

DSC05179For me, i had the BBQ pork. Its ok.


DSC05048Fresh banana coated with chocolate and dusted with some chocolate candy. If you love banana, you will love it. I love it 🙂

Amazeballs. Dear Gina, this is for you. Teehehehe!


DSC05073Amazeballs is actually meatballs laying on a bed of mashed potatoes and you can choose between 2 types of sauces to eat with — Mushroom sauce or the Bolognese sauce.

Teochew Oyster Omelette 潮州蚝煎


DSC05158Theres more than 5 or 6 stalls selling the teochew oyster omelette. I have no idea which one to pick but the boss is kind enough to help us to wipe the table after the raining day so we ordered his. 

Salted Fish Bun 食炉咸鱼包


DSC05165Due to the popularity of the HongKong Drama. There is a massive outbreaks of the stalls selling this salted fish bun. Which one to choose? I choose the one with the longest queue. Waited 45 minutes for this bun and my friend told me i went to the correct stall serving the better salted fish bun among the others.

DSC05184I was relieved. Longest queue is always the better one. Price was quite reasonable. RM 10 for 4 pieces.

DSC05185Flavor wise, the salted fish flavor is there, which is lacked in most of the stalls out there. Yay!



DSC05169I came here for the bacon wrapped with quail egg. But sad enough, i was told i went to the wrong stall. Theres another stall called Yakitori, just a few stalls after that which served better bacon wrapped quail egg. Oh no.

DSC05176I had bacon wrapped quail egg, baby octopus and grilled salmon.

Lin’s Taiwan Sausages 林记台湾香肠

DSC05182The most traditional taiwanese sausage stalls since many many years back.

DSC05186I tried the original and the wasabi flavored one. Not too bad

Yo Berry

DSC05198I told you mama never failed to conquer all the frozen yogurt stalls.

DSC05201And this medium size orginal flavour frozen yogurt really makes mama happy.

DSC05200Theres two yogurt stalls in Kuching Fest. Make sure you go to this YoBerry. I’ll tell you why later.

Apart from that, there are still many others which i will just show you some photos without further details.

DSC05013The famous Bonsai ice cream that caught every girl’s heart except mine.

DSC05053Its just vanilla ice cream dusted with chocolate. But i guess its the outlook that makes everyone screams. It really very very very cute! 

DSC05041Assorted vegetables tempura. 

DSC05159Fried kuey Tiao

DSC05047Thai Desserts


DSC05033Sausages wrapped in glutinous rice 大肠包小肠

DSC04995Braised parts. 卤味

DSC05039Japanese Pancake

DSC05071Smoked Squid

Before i go to my top 5 favourite list. Let me say something. I had my less impressive food in Kuching Festival. Remember i told you mama wanted to conquer all the frozen yogurt in Kuching Festival. YoBerry is the yummy one.. but dont go to the wrong one. Theres one called Yogurt Station and the grape flavoured one is really horrible.

DSC05203I’m dont normally ask ppl not to buy something but the grape flavoured one is really horrible. Its nothing like yogurt

DSC05211It tasted like ice blended + ice cream minus the creaminess. Its dead sweet and the grape flavor tasted like medicine. Its not even frozen yogurt. Sad. Or maybe the other flavors are good? But i had mine and im upset.

Okay.. Shoo shooo for the bad one. Now… my personal Top 5 Ranking. My Favorite 5 in Kuching Festival 2014. Oh nom nom nom*

Top 5 Must Eat in Kuching Fest 2014

5.  Pork Chop Bun

DSC05078Unlike the Macau pork chop bun which using baguette, here they use the normal soft bun. The bun is very soft and fluffy, pork chop is crispy on the outside and juicy in the inside. i added cheese and onion sauce. Spectacular. Bad news is… forgot to take the picture of the stall. Hmmmm! 

4. Bacon roll with enokitake from Barnana

DSC05155Its a one bite snack. Bacon grilled in perfection and when you bite it, the enokitake mushroom just explode in your mouth. The enokitake mushroom is crunchy and with the bacon wrapped, it sealed all the goodness inside, just waiting for you to bite it.

3. Durian Puff


DSC05189The durian + cream is just so good, served cold in the puff. The generous amount of durian stuffed in makes a durian fans like me crazy.


DSC05009_pGive me moreeeeeee!

2. Naked Fish 裸鱼

DSC05163I’ve heard a lot of people recommending this dish and finally i have the taste of it. Definitely going to be my top 3!!

DSC05162The fish is charcoal grilled with only salt and nothing else. nothing else. Just the original sweetness of the fish and salt.

DSC05202I was hesitating at first. But it really give me the wow effect. Just simple and ordinary taste. The sweetness of the fish. The purest taste.

1. Fried Onigiri 炸饭团

DSC05167 - CopyHahahahhaha! i know a lot of you must be wondering why is this my favourite dish in Kuching Festival 2014!!

DSC05081It is 80% similar to the one i had in Taiwan last year. It was so good. The boss recommended the ebiko flavor with cheese and mayo.

DSC05083The flavor just burst in my mouth. The fried Onigiri is so good, its alive! Because they added Barley in the rice balls so that the texture will not be so dead. And with the seasonings and the ebiko mayo complementing each other. I just love it. Combination wise. Fantastic! Try try Try!

Thats my food list for Kuching Food Fest 2014. Hope you like it 🙂 Tata!