What to eat in Kuching Festival 2015?

Its here!DSC03187DSC03091Kuching Festival had just started on the 31st July 2015 and will be going through the whole month until 23rd August 2015. Not only the Kuchingnites, I am sure there are people from all over the place are looking forward to this. A very brief introduction as usual, Kuching Festival is a local festival featuring mainly food and item sales. It is organized at the mbks area annually which will last for a month. The very first day of Kuching Festival, it rain. However, nothing beat the urge of trying the food there, so.. here we are showing some of the food in Kuching Festival. Hope it helps! ITS A VERY LONG POST

There are more than 100 stalls in Kuching Festival. Sad to say I dont really have such big appetite to try everything on the very first day. So here I attached some photos of the food stalls located. So hopefully you will have some idea of what to eat before you go. Heres almost 70% of the stall di. 

DSC03081 DSC03083 DSC03084 DSC03085 DSC03086 DSC03089 DSC03090 DSC03092 DSC03094 DSC03095 DSC03096 DSC03097 DSC03098 DSC03099 DSC03105 DSC03112 DSC03119 DSC03123 DSC03125 DSC03127 DSC03129 DSC03130 DSC03197This year Kuching Festival is more like Ice Cream Festival. I guess its the trend now of having dessert! There are a total of 27 stalls selling ice cream. Apart from the every year ice cream items like coconut ice cream, charcoal ice cream, fried ice cream, nitrogen ice cream, yogurt ice cream, this year they have more…~ New items that you ice cream lovers would love to try out — Ice tube Thai fried ice cream, Macaroons Ice cream, Waffle ice cream, cookie ice cream, cotton candy ice cream, mochi ice cream, soft serve, handcraft ice cream, pop corn ice cream, taiyaki ice cream, syinge ice cream…. ice cream ice cream ice creammm.. I think 50% of my food is ice cream.. hohoho! Since its more like an ice cream fest, Lets start off with ice cream! Shall we??! — Order arranged in no particular —

1. Ice Tube Thailand Fried Ice Cream

DSC03118This is the first Fried Thai Ice cream in Kuching. They have an outlet located at Cityone but here, they have new flavours that you couldn’t get in CityOne yet..

DSC03215Black sesame ice cream. Something I would really recommend! The aroma of the black sesame is so strong… Texture is good and.. I am sure you will like it. Dont miss out this new flavour of ice tube ice cream!

DSC03211Mango ice cream. It taste like Mango + Yogurt. Very good. It was kinda out of my expectation that it will be so creamy and yummy. I particularly like these two flavours. Tell me which flavours you prefer will you?

DSC03216_p*oh nom nom nom* 

2. Frosty Garden Cookie Ice Cream/ Waffle Ice cream

DSC03090 (2) DSC03115Look at the beautiful coordinations!!!

DSC03117I had 1 waffle ice cream and 1 cookie ice cream. Its more like a very frozen ice cream! But isnt it just so perfect for photographs??

3. Herby Macaroon Ice Cream/Durian Macaroon

DSC03123 - CopyDSC03122Yea go grab your minions! 

DSC03133I had green tea ice cream with orange colour macaroon and oreo flakes topping..

DSC03135_pThe macaroon is not as sweet as the normal one which is more comfortable to eat. Its crunchy outside but its so smooth that it collapse once you lip touches the macaroon. And… its bite size! Good!

DSC03231Another item that caught my heart is the Durian Macaron. They have fresh durian fillings inside. So good! Highly recommended!

4. De Imacaron Ice cream macaroons

DSC03127 (2)

DSC03151 DSC03154Its bigger in size. 

DSC03158_pLook at the size as compared to the previous one. It all depends what size you want 🙂

5. Fried Ice Cream (Alcohol)

DSC03130 - CopyDSC03145They have quite some selection of the alcohol contain ice cream. 

DSC03164We had Red Wine and it taste a bit weird for us. Or maybe just us. 🙂

Enough for the ice cream.. Let’s opt for Savoury food!! Yes I am more to a Savoury food person! Oh nom nom nom!

6. Fried Noodles Bun

DSC03090 - Copy - Copy DSC03178Yes. Instead of hotdog. You get fried noodles. I tried it at Taiwan last year..it doesn’t really taste the same. This is Kuching Version yo!

7. Fried Cheesy Pork Chop

DSC03090 - CopyIt is located just beside fried noodles bun. But I like this one a lot more. 

DSC03139Fried pork chop with cheese inside topped with Mayonnaise. What will go wrong with that?

8. Stuffed Sausages

DSC03106 (2)This one taste like the Taiwan version. At least!! Its sausages stuffed or you can say topped with ingredients.

DSC03181I had pickle with mayo. yums!

9. Taiwanese Tea Duck

DSC03112 (2)

DSC03111Not too bad. They recommended their duck porridge too. Maybe I should try next time

10. Taiwan Boom Pork Balls and Cheesy Wings

DSC03123 (2)DSC03121Pork balls with curry sauce.

DSC03140Becareful when you bite it. It exploded. 🙂

DSC03120Cheese stuffed chicken wing looks good too! Remind me to grab one next time

11. Bad Sushi

DSC03125 (2)

DSC03131I had their Signature — The Bad Sushi.. Bacon wrapped sushi served torched! 

12. The “Bird” Waffle

DSC03130 (2) DSC03165Hmmmmmm!! Its good for photography. 

unnamed (1)-tileI had it in Taiwan 4 years back. Kuching why you so slow. Although the signage is the same. It’s two completely different thing. The one I had in Shihlin Market Taipei is a crispy waffles with cheese and bacon fillings. In Kuching, They have soft waffles with hotdog. 

13. Zippy Pizza!


DSC03172Everything looks good with bacon. lalala!

14. Real German Sausages

DSC03183 (2) DSC03185Its real. Its served by the Germans. We had the mini german sausages.

DSC03186 Original and Cheese. Noms!

15. Durian Egg Tart

DSC03096 (2)They have original egg tart and Durian Egg tart and obviously Durian one caught my attention.

DSC03222Give it a try!

16. Grilled Scallop at Mongolian Master


DSC03198Rows and rows of seafood and meat!

DSC03218I will go back again for the grilled oysters and pork ribs because the grilled scallop i had is fresh garlicky and nice!

17. Steamed Burger

DSC03201 DSC03203Black pepper chicken, spicy chicken, sweet and sour chicken and braised pork 

DSC03204I had braised pork burger… means three layered pork in steamed bun

DSC03208and Black Pepper chicken. I don’t like food related to black pepper but this one i had to admit the black pepper chicken taste better than the braised pork. 

18. Sio bii/Pork Dumplings

DSC03190 (2) DSC03233Back to our comfort food. I still love my pork dumplings. 

19. Pork Chop Bun


20. HongKong Curry Fish Ball

DSC03189The one I had is tasteless. I guess i went to the wrong stall. 

21. BBQ pork

DSC03227It will be nice if its served hot. 🙂

22. Lamb Burger

DSC03229Now this one look nice! Its grilled lamb with baguette!

23. Fried Oyster Pancake

DSC03237I think I never miss oyster pancake once. Hahahaha! Yes its the same stall I went last year, Always!

DSC03194The next time i go, I will make sure I buy this cute walking giraffe!! SO CUTEE!!! Giraffe is the new animal this year! hohoho!! 

DSC03223Although it’s raining, the crowd is still there. 

DSC03224_pAnd you will see everyone sitting down, one hand holding an umbrella, one hand holding chopsticks! Hohoho!

pageThank You for Reading. I hope it does help to give you some ideas of what to eat in Kuching Festival 2015. If you are feeling happy, please like my facebook page “here“. HEHE! Thank you so muchie!