Where r u going?

Do you have places that you always wanted to go? 😀 Well.. i really should take a break for blogging all about food… food food.. and food. Kekeke!

There are some places which i really wanted to go since.. long time ago.. with a reason.. I duno when i will be going but there will be that one day. 🙂

I duno about you but sometimes i can be very weird in likings. Muahaha!

Halong Bay, Vietnam.

I dont know why.. every time when i feel like exploring or to go somewhere of my own.. i would think of this place. But for the majority.. it might not be safe for a lady to travel alone there. T.T

Khmer Rouge, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Yea.. it used to be a high school.. or should say it was a prison. It was during Khmer Rouge Regime in the year 1975 to 1979 where the communist if Kampuchea were rulling the cambodia. During the Khmer Rouge Regime.. the high school was turned into a prison.. called Genocide 21. Genocide simply means act committed intend to destroy the whole part.. generally means killing a major groups. During the Khmer Rouge Regime.. around 4.8 million was killed.. either disease starvation and so on. But in that 4.8 million.. 1.4-2.2 million were slaughter.. tortured to death. Politicians and the families were captured. Women were kept in the prison while their husband and children were slaughtered. YES. Slaughtered. Women were then raped and tortured until die. I once googled the history of it.. read it with pictures of them got killed.. it still remained in me… it was just so cruel and scary… You are right.. they even took pictures of themselves torturing those people…!! shit!

It was an eerie place.. but i am very attracted to history like this. How human can be so scary. OH gosh!! nightmare tonight!!

Colosseum, Rome

Colosseum had been my dream place since.. 7 years ago.. I still remembered when i was form 5.. in my very interesting history class. That day.. its about the history of Rome. Instead of having our text book opened.. my teacher took out her laptop and a pile of photographs.. She went to Rome just a month ago before this topic…!! I have no idea why but Colosseum was there in my heart ever since that day. What a spectacular monument it is!!!

The Terracotta Army, also known as 兵马俑, Xi An, China

The figures were discovered in 1974 by some farmers in Xi An near the Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor. The Terracotta Army is a form of funerary art buried with the First Emperor of Qin in 210-209 BC. When the First Emperor of Qin, Qin Shi Huang died.. figures were built in the Mausoleum together with Qin Shi Huang to serve the purpose as to rule another empire with the Qin Shi Huang in the afterlife. The Terracotta Army includes 8,000 soldiers, 130 chariots with 520 horses and 150 cavalry horses, the majority of which are still buried in the pits. It was yet another spectacular and challenging monument to explore eh!

Tsukiji Fish Market, Tokyo.

Tsukiji fish market, Sapporo fish market.. or even Sdyney Fish Market.. i love to see if theres any weird sashimi for me. *kekeke*

Portuguese Egg Tart, Macau

Two of the famous Portuguese Egg Tart outlet.. Lord Stow’s Bakery (安德鲁饼店) and Margaret’s Café e Nata (玛嘉烈饼店).. Lord Stow’s Bakery is owned by the husband.. the texture is more to crispy and very fragrant.. Margaret’s Café e Nata  is owned by the wife.. the egg tart are sweeter in taste. Oh.. give me all!! Ooh! and dont forget the famous pork chop bun in Tai Lei Loi Kei Coffee Shop (大利来记). It operates at 3pm but the bun will be sold out by 4.30pm. So please dont be late ya!!!

huhuhu! I am hungry 🙁