Where to find delicious Lamb?!

Yuppie!! its dinner’s time!!

HoHo.. today i m going to bring u around town and tasted ahyien’s very-like and irresitable lamb stew… Lamb soup they say. ^^ *drooling oledi la hor*

Na.. this is the shop which sells the best lamb stew.. for me.. hehe! This shop is owes nominated as ahyien’s favourite place for lamb.. hoho!!! its located at BDC RH plaza there..

Ahha!! here’s the food we ordered.. papa and me is so in love with lamb but not mama.. so we ordered Kacangma chicken for mama.. hehe!

Here’s the lamb! *Gosh*

yienyien’s lovable lamb stew.. *i m hungry*

mama’s Kacangma.. nice oso la..

wuakakaka!! ANy other suggestion for lamb stew? or do you have any place which served nice lamb stew or lamb soup? eee.. share share here.. we are all lamb lovers! *love*

*cant wait for nice places for lamb!* ^^