Winning Wine Launching @ Grand Margherita, Kuching

Thankiuk Eileen for inviting us to the Winning Wine Launching at Grand Margherita, Kuching. I really enjoyed the winning wine and cheese testing session!! *happie*

The Winning wine launching took place at Rajang Lobby lounge. One of the very comfortable lounge to hang out.

and my partners of the day.. *hello cyril!



Gerald.. no Ling for him. kakaka

The main wine list at Rajang Lobby Lounge.

Among the Winning Wine series….

Moet is my favourite!!

Presenting Moet & Chandon Brut Imperial.. ALthough its the entrance level but but… i still love it!

Apart from that… they provided different types of cocktail food to pair with all the four main winning wine.

Chicken fillet…

Beef steak with cheese sauce..

Fruity sweet prawn

Baby Octopus

Fruit tarts bar

Different types of buns

and most of all… CHEESE!!!


omg omg omg!!

Not only the cheese… The MAGGIE BEER jam!! it goes perfectly with the Australian cheese.

SEE!! i had the whole plate of cheezy stuff with me!!

Mind u.. the little blur knob is the blue cheese.. one of my very favourite. Just cant resist how delicious and sinful it is!!!

I like it this way… a slice of cheese, a knob of Maggie Beer Jam and blue cheese on a tiny piece of cream cracker. Heavenly Awesome!!

When most of the guests and press have arrived… The Introduction of the Winning Wine from the Riche Monde’s Brand Ambassador for Champagnes & Spirit, W.K Chong had finally started!!

Starting off with the speech given by W.K Chong about all the four winning wine of the day.

First of all will be the Moet & Chandon Brut Imperial Champagne from France

Yes yes yes.. the one i m holding. *wuakakaka*

The Grand serving of the Moet for all the guests..

Moet made my day *happpie*

The second winning wine.. from Argentina

Terrazas Chardonnay Vintage

The third winning wine.. from Argentina as well

Terrazas Malbec Vintage

And the fourth one…

Chandon Shiraz Vintage from Australia

Not only we were able to enjoy the wonderful session of wine and champagne tasting.. The Brand Ambassador, W.K Chong also shared his experience to explain the art of pairing on the spot as we were able to taste all the four different wine against the choice of meat available. However, the result of coupling is often flavourable.. it all depends on your own preferences..

The session ended around 8.30pm but three of us still stayed back for another session..

yes yes.. you’re right.. camwhoring session..

Not only us..

we pulled along… EILEEN!! hahaha!


and….. The Brand Ambassador W.K Chong as well!!

SEE! how sporting he is…..

Oh.. and we wear almost the same pattern of dress!! *nyek nyek nyek*

and i love DysLing’s shoes….. *evil grin*

Apart from all all the winning wine.. They have plenty of top graded wine as well..

And the Good news is… Even the four winning wine will be available started on 6th August 2010 for both hotels, Grand Margherita and Riverside Majestic Hotel.