Xin Yi’s Bday @ Silhouette!

Yup.. 29 August 2008 makes my dearest Xin Yi turns 21!! MUAHAHA! now same same 21 years old liao la.. We chose to celebrate at Silhouette becoz we all never went there and the place look nice. hehe! so.. yup.. its correct.. That day was our first attempt there! thankiuk xin yi! *muaxx*

Silhouette.. don ask me how to pronounce ar.. hahaha!! Look familiar rite? it is located at THE SPRING.. Beside Food and Tea Restaurant. its black colour i suppose..!

These are the interior of Silhouette Restaurant and Bar.. BAR! haha! I went to BAR!! OMG!!! anyway.. it was a pleasant restaurant i would say.. they do not have much choice of food but they got tonnes of selection for WINES.. hehehe!!

The early birds:

The birthday girl!! Happie bday darling!!!

Grace!! her pet…

And me.. I m the owner of the owner.. hohohoho!!! basically Silhouette only got TWO kinds of FOOD.. Pasta & Pizza.. thats all.. hehe! but got a few choice for each options la.. we ordered one each.. share share ma..

The Pasta.. forgot the name liao.. its RM 18 of not mistaken! Woot!! this one is my favourite! Its surely worth the price! yum yum!

The Skinny flying italian pizza! hehe! Its so thin that it could fly! BUt still.. delicious. I love the Food there! RM 20 to 25.

AFter a while.. Teresa came.. and we move our table to the inner part one.. more romantic ma.. hehe! and more comfortable..

Xin Yi~~ Pizza nice ma? =D

My drinks! Mango Soda.. =) RM 8.90 if nOT mistaken

Grace’s strawberry Soda.. Oh.. we both drink soda! hehe!

Xin Yi’s Tequila Sunrise.. (such a nice name) and Teresa’s Pina Colada.. Both RM 19 or above. not very remember liao..

And us! possing with Fooddddies!!!

Oh.. when we are happily chatting.. we saw ppl ordering the beer.. haha! Hmm.. actually none of us really wanted to drink but since the beer glass is so so so nice.. Xin Yi says let order ONE and try! the ONE is a bIG one.. Hoho!

Xin Yi’s purse is bIg.. but the glass is Bigger!

Grace manage to ask me to snap at someone’s glasses.. hahaha!!! its RM 18 per Glass

And Us..posing with the nice beer Glass.. That RED piece of thing is my RED PANTS ok.. =) And Guess wad.. it ends up Grace drank almost 60% of the Beer.. Xin Yi drank like 35 % of it.. Teresa helped like 3% and ME.. i drank 2% which is like.. hmm.. 3 sip? hahaha!! but its Fun!! hahaha! sharing is caring bah!! we cant even finish it.. but lastly luckily got Grace.. Grace so li hai la!!!!

I loVe this pic!! XY is so so so cute!! she merajuk coz ppl thought the Gold pillow was her handbag.. muaha!

Oh.. i love the Gold Pillow~ Its so GOLD!!! @.@

And i was busy camwhoring continuously coz that day was my bad hair day and its hard.. =(

Here’s some random pics of us..

Me and XY manage to snap our pic in front of Silhouette when we go for toilet break. *lala*

Teresa, Grace and Me!

Grace, XY, Me..

Teresa and her Grace~

Family Pics! XY say she look so gong.. muahaha! i like Cute!

Oh.. this one the waiter so no skill la.. hehe! nvm la. still nice~ *weee*

And lastly.. Our caKe cutting ceremony.. how thoughtful of gRace.. she still arrange a seat for her so that it will not side too many ppl.. hoho! Pretty XY nid to be protected!! *nyek nyek*

Chocolate Temptation.. ^^

Snap Snap SNap! Oh.. wads ur wish darling??????

ME and DarLing Xin Yi..! *muax*

and lastly..

. . . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . .

. . . . . .

. . . .

. .


My pets!!! weehehe! Actually they are pets and owner among themselves.. but nvm la.. I  m the owner of the owner la.. hehehehe! Time to Feed ! ……………………. *grin*

When i saw teresa’s email for the pics.. it is written beruk’s bday.. was thinking whether i wanna put Xin Yi or Beruk.. hoho! but lastly still put XinYi la.. so kind hor me.. *lalala*