Yee Sang CNY Dinner @ Nu Er Hong, Pullman Kuching

As Chinese New Year is just around the corner.. Nu Er Hong, the contemporary Chinese Restaurant in Pullman Kuching presents a 8-course set dinner menus for families. They have three sets of CNY reunion menus known as Wood Rabbit, SIlver Rabbit and Golden Rabbit.. priced at RM 688++, RM 788++ and RM 888++ per table of 10 person.

Every courses begins with a “Fortune Platter” Yee Sang.

Yee Sang, known to be a luck bringing appetizer. Families usually gather around the table and toss it together. The higher they tossed.. the luckier this year it will bring.

Tossing of Yee Sang also means longevity and prosperity for the coming year. We had the Spicy Yee Sang, medium size priced at RM 68++.

Spicy Yee Sang had about 22 ingredients included Salmon Fish, Papaya shredded pickle, ginger shredded, gherkins shredded, pickled leek shredded, preserved sweet lime, fresh lime, pomelo, white radish, yam, red carrot, plum paste, apple jam, apricot jam, crispy crackers, white pepper, cinnamon ground, green “kua ying”, dried scallop, dried shrimps, dried chilli and anchovies.

Oh.. not forgetting the spicy plum sauce. I preferred the spicy plum sauce because it is less sweeter.

Every ingredient got its special underlying meaning. Salmon means 年年有余. Means you will always have extra in the coming year.

And after all the ingredients mixed.. its time to toss.

Toss as higher as you can 😀

Before everything started.. Corona Extra for Jimmy and I. HAHA! Don’t ask.

“Prosperity Symbol” Braised Shark fin soup with treasures of the sea from Golden Rabbit Set Dinner.

“Lucky 8” Braised eight treasure duck with fresh mushrooms & vegetables from Wood Rabbit Set Dinner.

The braised duck is stuffed with chesnut, fresh mushroom and lotus. The meat is so tender until it can melt easily in your mouth.

Fish is a compulsory in a chinese reunion dinner. The “Dragon Dance”, steamed grouper with superior broth “Cantonese Style” is a significant match in this dinner. Taken from the Wood Rabbit Set Dinner as well.

And.. the long waited one.. “Red Lantern”.. Nu Er Hong Special Two Flavours prawn from the Golter,den Rabbit Set Dinner.

First side of the dish.. wok-toss fresh water prawns with golden sand and salted eggs

Look at the size 😀

Second side.. Special cooked deep sea King Prawns with butter cheese and coconut.

Love this to the max.. it is to buttery but as the same time.. a little bit of sweetness followed by the coconut fragnant. Highly recommended.

As for veges, “Bountiful harvest” is the selected one. From Golden Rabbit Set Dinner.

Wok-toss mixed vegetables, seafood and house-made beancurd in winter melon.

And before the dessert is served.. “Golden blossom”, a Taiwan “Cheong Fun” with mix seafood, asparagus in dried scallop paste. *nom nom nom*

And Dessert as a round up. “Sweet creation”. Chilled Vanilla Sweetened honey dew with sago & jelly from Wood Rabbit Set Dinner.

Satisfied and Happy. And for those who intended to dine at home.. you have the privilege to enjoy the Yee Sang as well. From 7th January – 17th February 2011.. Nu Er Hong presents to you 3 selections of Yee Sang. From Vegetarian Yee Sang (Medium – RM 48++, Large – RM 88++), Classic Yee Sang (Medium – RM 68++, Large RM 120++) and Spicy Yee Sang (Medium – RM 68++, Large – RM 120++).

For enquiries and bookings, please dial +6(0)82-222 888 or visit any of our F&B Outlets.