Day 1 : Pampering myself

They said : Shopping and spending money takes every sickness outta a women. Well, its not 100% true but it certainly helps!

Today, reflecting that i have not really pampered myself for a long time, i mean mentally… I decided to went for a hairdo and every thing that i can think at the moment.

Well, i have been sticking with my long hair for almost… forever di. A new reset life, a new image, new changes!!!

A 4 hour hair do…. I am happy with the result. At least i look different di.

Next, went on for a shopping. Spent RM 350 on 5 lovely outfit. Ok lar.. Kuching nothing to shop one bah… Wanted to go for manipedi but have no time for it.

So many paperwork needa do and tomorrow have to fly to KK for blitz. Haih!!! Flying again.. i hate packing.. i hate unpacking even more…. Guess i have to stick to this one for quite sometime. 🙂

I start picking up blogs to read again… like i used to do last time. I realized after all these while, reading blogs still a part of my life. I enjoy reading blogs. Click on all the familiar names and start picking up. Living in the blogosphere is still something i like. 🙂

Life is about discovering and learning things day by day. I guess i have to start figuring what i want/like in life. Let the pass flows and welcome to a new start of life 🙂

Hows your sunday people?