I love Dresses.. who doesnt? ^^ After i have done with my assignment just now.. i kinda go for a LITTLE shopping spree with my sistas!!

Long time no shopping liao hor.. Intended to buy a cap for hair.. but.. haih! it ended up trying those dresses coz there is no cap around.. >.<“

Yea.. this is how my hair look like.. HAIH!!! i wonder how long it takes to GROW!!! T.T don mentioned liao hor.. *sedih*

We saw this Neko.. wwuuikss! so kewt! but itsfreaking expensive! Nvm.. taking photo nid not charge!

Tadaaaa!! not very kewt oso la hor.. its new arrival ma.. hahaha!! Oh.. Do you remember my encounter with the pervert and supermarkets??? YESH!!! we saw HIM again!!! this one is the 4th or 5th time liao..! but this time lucky for us.. lao mao saw him first and we hide at the CD shop.. ^^ 

We went Jade pot for tea.. Guess what.. pik qii bought a BIG SHADE too!! hahaha! told u its nice! *nyek*

And of coz.. i tried out all the dresses.. wuahahaha! girls bah..!! I wanted to buy yellow heels and white heels.. but unfortunately.. the one i adore sold out di.. *haih* COnsequences of wondering too much after trying.. wad to do.. GIRLS bah..

WHich one is the nicest???!!!!!!! WHICH ONE WHICH ONE!!!!????

Ok.. thats all for today.. jus a random post.. bored bah.. *sobx*

Better continue with my assignment! tata!! -hugs-