Dupy went check up+Big abalone!

Its saturday morning.. as usual.. i slept at 7am sth and wake up at 10am sth. This morning would be significant for dupy because today is her check up day again! hehehehe! Early in the morning she has been acting very guai maybe because she thought we wont bring her to Vet if she guai but.. wuakakaka! ah py… check up is good for u nah!

Dupy dupy!! look here look here.. dupy like to be blown by wind.. hoho! *one of her favouritezz*

When Dupy reached the Vet.. she was like so kin tio.. keep running here and there.. and its also a seldom chance to see her with her red shinning collar.. haha! normally she like to be a free dog without collar around her neck *tsk tsk*

Maybe because we are early.. Not even 1 minutes its Dupy turn oledi.. Daddy put her to measure her weight and.. DUPY!! how come u fat ki!!!! Dupy weight is now 6.2 kg.. hehe! ANyway.. today dupy got to have 2 injection.. one is for the health check up and one is for heart worm.. heart worm means to prevent dupy de heart got worm lor.. and i saw this very very very cute poster on the wall..

so cute!!!!

Dupy is having her injection.. she look so scare neh.. *sayang sayang o dupy~*

After everything.. she is back to active condition again.. running here and there leaving her poo-poo at the floor.. haha!

My Dupy look like a Fur Ball!! *winks*

These are Dupy’s medical card and her prevent heart worm de medicine..

And all these everything cost papa RM 115.. OMG! my doctor fee not even so expensive ler.. but for dupy.. its still very worth la.. *muaxxxx*

Dupy i lub u! must be health o.. ^^ papa love u even more more more and more.. mama and bb heart u much much too!

Anyway.. after check up.. we went for breakfast.. because its kinda late and mama is getting super hungry.. we just went to Hui Sing for mama’s likable chicken rice.. =)

Her chicken rice… and..

My wanton meat ball kolo mee!! weee.. i love meat balls~ MEAT BAAAALLLSSS!!!

Before we went home.. papa bring us to Boulevard for some grocery shopping..!

U know.. i always wanted to take pictures of this BIG ABALONE.. duno real one or not but it looks cute!! u seeeeee..

How BIG??!! weeell.. u seee…

wakakakakkakakaka!!! BIGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!

ANyway.. remember NATTO?? i got mention in my previous blog and I BOUGHT IT just now!! haha!!!!!! Because I am going to KL next thursday and i probably can bring it to eat with my brother.. who is still at KL.. hahaha!!!!! *yeaaah~*

I guess nth much liao! Go heng lui liao.. ^^

I queue up for like more than 20 minutes for only 2 person in front of me because they have 2 FULL trolley for grocerrrriess… Bloody lot la!

When i reached home.. i just continue to nap until now. hohoho!