KL : Convo

Its Sunday! yesh! TARC convo is on Sunday.. weird rite? he he! but good oso la.. coz more people are free during sunday ma.. ^^

And of coz.. wake up super early that day.. i was actually having a very nice sleep but too bad have to wake up early as ahlun have to reach college but 7am sth.. of coz we follow oso la..

Wuahaha! i m the faster to get ready everything so thing for camworing.. hehe!

A photo a day make me happy everyday.. ^^ Oh.. saya suka kek cute le~ HOHO *blek*

Oh.. thats papa and mama walking down from the condo.. Aiya pa~ stop a while la.. walking very hard to take picture mo..

When we were at the front gate of the college.. waboom!~!!! amazing!! u can see ppl selling convo flowers and bears all along the roadside.. when i mean a lot is REALLY a lot..

This is only one section of the road.. and imagine its like that for the whole long roadddd..

Of coz we dint buy coz we prepared it earlier oledi.. ^^

Ah lun went robing and registration.. so in order to get a good spot for photographing.. we decided to go into the HALL earlier to grab a nice seat… yes! We seat at the first row for audiences.. hOHO!..

These is their Hall..

All the process and everything is recorded in video so i din uplOad la.. he he he.. It was kinda bored when we were waiting so.. wuakakakakak!! take photo!!

Papa mama and me!! *smile* – the orang tepi is like keep on looking at us.. they are so not active neh.. muahahaha-

Oh.. PAPA hold the flowers for the whole session.. actually is my job la.. but i wan to take picture ma.. and my beg is like so kia si lang de big.. so no space lor.. hehe! thankiuk papa!

The convo booklet..

OoooHhhh!! teeheee..

I m so lihai!! see.. i can spot u in the big screen.. hahahaha!

What a good jie jie i m.. *hiak*

Ok.. one very different thing of this convo and Swinburne’s.. they end everything so fast in less than 2 hours because they have a lot of students.. morning is for name started from A to L and still got afternoon session from M to Z.. cool rite.. and of coz.. they cut off ALL the LOSO-ings and just giv out everything! Its good actually because its not boring.. HoHo!!!

The ceremony soon ended very fast..

ah lun!! congrats nah!! *huggies* bibi kiss kiss!

Yup!! from school of business ACCA..

ah lUn and papa mama..

ah lun and me!! HOHO! banyak pose neh~

Oh.. see the cute bear!! mama don wan to take pic with the bear.. how sad.. see la.. regret boi~ don have your pic boh.. wuakakkakaka!! Its actually a gift when we took the convo potrait packages..

Ah lun dengan frens!

Oh.. they trying to throw the hat~ aduh.. still got 2 years ACCA la hor.. so fast wanna throw.. HOHO!

Some Random pictures!!!

Fatherly love.. papa so cute!

Oh!! say YEAH!! ahahaha!1 u see mama owes dreaming.. *haih*

HEHE! this one.. spot wad am i carrying?!! guess guess!! Got Prize!! Only ahLUn knot guess! hahaha!

End of convo!!

hahahaha!!… so we went back to condo like 1pm.. after lotsa photo taking! OH! one more thing.. convo don have refreshment due to the many many overload ppl.. hahaha!!

We quickly rush back.. change our  clothes and proof!!! go shopping again!!!

2 photos a day make me even happier everyday! weeeee~

OH.. we have lunch at very very nice HongKong restaurant behind Sungei wang called “???”.. i will definitely visit the place again.. Prize ranging from RM 7 to RM 30 i think..

Our drinks.. The specialty milk tea of the restaurant.. papa’s almond and mama and mine cold green tea.hehe!

First to come.. papa’s BBQ pork noodles with shrimp dumplings! thumbs up! especially the dumplings!

Second is ah luns.. some special sauce fried pork rice? hehe!! nice la nice la..

Thirdly is mine!! woot!! i like this super a lot ok!! eh eh.. if got go must try!! curry noodles!! damn nice de wor…! thumbs up up up and up!

Lastly is mama’s roasted chicken rice with salted egg.. ee.. i din try this one o.. ^^ but look delicious of coz!

Overall!! yup!! good good!

Went shopping next.. i bought something for myself this time.. *happie* i bought 2 pants! i was thinking of buying 3.. but didnt.. i miss the green pants now.. haih! and oso The big blinking necklace.. i bought this JUST BCOZ for my green shirt.. coz the green shirt is hodoh to see without any big accessories..

ANd biggy earrings! Oh.. its just like my normal favourite earrings jus that the size is XXL .. ahaha! i think it can mostly bigger than half of my faceee..

Afterthat.. we went to time squares.. OH.. i saw our favourite BAOZ which we are looking for but closed down at The Curve one.. remember? i did mention! heheheh!! saw it in time square so boom!! rush for it..

SEEE.. i m so happie to see u.. orangy.!

The menu bar.. well.. the pointed red arrows are what we have orders..

Our whole set of Baoz!!

The Sio Bi was nice.. 3 different favours!

The baoz!! haha! we ordered 4 Golden egg yolk baoz for each and one special chicken bao and one rendang baoz! Rendang bao is so much better than the chicken one.. but still..

The famous of all.. ANd the reason pulling me back to carve for more BAoz is THIS ONE!!

The GOlden Melting Egg Yolk Baoz!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I swear.. its super hollly delicious!

*hiak!* Basically after we have accomplished our mission.. which is to carve for more egg yolk bao.. we decided to go back liao.. and its only 6pm.. hoho! On the way back.. we bought some sushi for dinner.

Not so nice actually.. *haih* Oh.. we tapao from the stall at the condo as well! *much more yummier*

And.. thats the end of Sunday! its good and happie to squeeze togther and sleep… *weeehehehehe*