KL : Friday Paradise!

HuHu.. Maybe coz of not sleeping at my own bed.. i wake up surprisingly early on friday morning.. 6sth to be exact.. wanted to update my blog but too badly the laptop doesnt support some features i need..

Today is Friday morning.. The first morning i have in this trip to KL.. Well… its neither holidays nor weekends so my brother gonna go to his college to study of coz.. Left the remaining us.. papa mama and me loitering around shopping complexes.. hahaha!!

Its 9am when we go down for LRT.. coz my brother having class at 10am so terpaksaLah we have to go out so early lor..

Oh.. we stayed at my bro’s condo.. the condo that he rented la ok.. haha.. see my mummy still so rajin help the whole house ppl to buang sampah.. hiaks!

We first headed to KL sentral.. have our “light” breakfast at the station.. hohoho!

See whats my hand is holding? yup yup.. we have McD for breakfast.. How light!

After that, we decided to go to Midvalley.. which is only one station ahead.. Well.. got sales but.. still expensive i think.. the sales is like.. RM 300 plus then sales up to 50% so.. counted urself.. nth cheap oso. haha!!.. ANyway.. we spent most of our time at the ground floor.. where all the eating places and supermarkets are.. ^^

Oh.. cun cun when we are there.. there are some korean food promotion.. i think they are having “promoting-korea-food” campaign this month.. they display lotsa korean food for trial.. korean imported drinks and honey such as..

Wow.. lotsa lotsa honey neh.. hehe!! i think we tried it all before decided to buy.. its many favours honey..

And we bought these.. the pamelo honey and the red dates honey.. ehhe! these two taste are most acceptable.. Oh.. these two little heavy jars of honey cost papa almost RM 70 WITH promotion.. *haih*

As Korea promoting stuff is getting hotter.. they even have the KImChi making food show with free gift.. The gift is like so.. worth.. got recipes and some korean products BUT too bad you have to sit there for like one and the an hour before free gift is given.. I have plenty of time but certainly not going to sit there for like so long… HoHo.. No free gift for me.. *sobx!

The korean chef talking korean and making his own kimchi while the “broken english” translator is translating.. My gosh.. he really got the guts to translate.. haha.. anyway.. i don think the audience knows what is he toking about either. they are just for the gift trust me!! How would aunties and ah ma likes kimchi?!

Time flies.. we shop at Jusco and Carrefour for like few hours while waiting for my brother to finish his class and meet us up.. Daddy bought his favourite luggage beg which he intended to buy last time but have not.. ^^ and now.. finally bought.. HoHoHo!!!!!

Its 2pm when my brother finally reached us.. we saw the cute and look delicious japanese food at Jusco so we gonna give it a try.. We tapao everything and shoot up to the upper level food court to eat.. *teehee*

Here’s our lunch.. not very delicious but still satisfied..

Our drinksss

Papa’s saba fish

Mama’s chicken and egg

Ahlun’s chicken set

My sotong.. HoHoHO!

Here’s some toriyaki and correre for tidbits.. *lalala*

Cheesee Cheese Cheese!!

Next station.. The Garden.. its just opposite Midvalley and perhaps.. its connected..

Say Hi~~~~ weehehe! my family consist of cute and sweet people.. + bibi.

Posing a little which cute starbuckssss at The Garden..

Mummy bought so many things at Pavilion and i saw someone i know at Kuching.. the very look alike xiao qiang at Bouvelard IT.. haha!! The geng saw me when they are going on escalator and some how.. they go down and have a clear look again by walking through FILA shop (me inside Fila shop coz mummy trying her pants and she bought 3 helai) after they saw me.. ahlun is like walking pass them and guess the geng duno he’s my brother and they kinda like.. “ee.. that swinburne girl ler.. at duno where where where one.. (my bro din hear clearly).. how come she is here?” haha! aiya.. i knot at there meh.. MUAHAHAHHAHA! And i saw them again at LRT at sungei wang on sunday. haha!!!!!!

We went a lot of places that day.. like i have mentioned in my previous entry.. OOps.. i missed out Time square..

We ended up at Sungei Wang during dinner time and so be there.. Kim Gary!! A must for me family at KL.. haha.. OH.. “must” this word remind me of burger King.. i love burger king but missed out this time. *sobx*

Anyway.. Back to the dinner.. whenever there is food.. I am happie… its good for me and my blog. haha!

As usual.. the drinks we ordered… I haven Kim Gary milk tea.. Papa’s horlick, mummy’s milo and ahlun’s pamelo ice with honey.. Arghh.. wasnt it familiar? yes yes!! we bought the whole jar of pamelo honey and he dint noe.. *hiakhiak hiak*

First to come.. Papa’s salmon seafood combo..

Look at the salmon….! *drools*

Second was mine.. Unagi seafood combo with abalone.. hahaha

The abalone were nice but my favourite will be the Scallop because it look cute.. ^^

Ahlun’s supreme mix grill curry set.. with spaghetti..

Mama a.k.a nini’s country set.. as u can see.. lotsa meaty and sausage with eggies. hehe!

ANd lastly our tidbits… “one-bite-snack” mini drumstick.. weeehhee! suppie delicious can!

Oh.. i forgot we have soup and..

Desserts.. hehehehehe! its included in our seafood combo..

Everything cost us RM 79.. but since ahlun is the member and his birthday was last few days.. we are entitled the 50% birthday discount.. HAHHAA! how good neh..

The aftermath.. see our scary hungry family.. *lala*

As you see.. its Megasales!! so i bought myself something.. very few nia la hor… *hehehehehe*

Some “singlet” outfits (my daddy called it)

Red Earth eye liner from SASA

Shoes from Nose at midvalley.. which some rude girl wanna snatch from me.. come on la.. so many nose shop. just find one and buy la. what for wanna snatch.. and I REALISE.. some KL girls are VERY kinda rude and UNREASONABLE when shopping comes..

You know.. the rude girl is like… I am trying the shoes and i wanted the person to get me my size.. she just walked towards me and ask me where i got the shoes.. of coz from the rak la stupid!.. and she immediately ask me to take off and let her wear..she say she wanted.Hello~~~~~.. wads wrong with u.. cant u see i m trying and i m askin ppl to take my size.. SHe even say she wear the same size and tell me she wanted it.. how low.. and when the guy is taking the shoes.. she is like keep following mummy and I and KEEP ON asking.. or more towards like demand us and say.. where is the shoes where is the shoes..!! I so geram i was like thinking.. *idoit ar u.. cant you wait? and stop following us la.. its just a shoes ma.. very fan u noe” so pek chek.. cant even see other shoes as she is like keep following us and ask ask ask.. FAN!

If she is polite.. Maybe i will let her to have the shoes Becos i m NOT so deparated for the shoes BUT since she is so IRRITATING.. and the shoes is the LAST pair and She is CUN CUN same size as me.. MOST importantly is because of the annoying and rude behaviour she has.. so i decided to BUY the shoes!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! *i m evil* But as least i m not to low class to snatch the shoes okay? The shoes is in my hand so its up to me wanted or not. HAHAHA.. and of coz.. i love the shoes oso la.. ^^

And lastly papa buy me a nice nice big sunglasses from MidValley.. *love*


Stay Tune for Tomolo’s shoppinG!!! WEEEEHEHEHEHEH!!!!

-shopping continued-