KL : Snacky Saturday

Its Saturday once more! hahahaha!!! Everyone is Free today so we decided not to rush our time.. everyone sleep late and wake up late and go out late.. haha.. Today’s plan will be just going to One Utama, Ikano, The Curve, The Walk and The Street.. hahaa.. the three “the” actually connected la.. hahahahaha… Going to Kelana Jaya from my brother’s condo is defintely a very very very long journey.. one and the half hour i suppose.. *haih* its ok!! its my favourite ikea! ahhahahaha!

Before going out.. don forget to snap snap!

snap snap*

When waiting for Taxi… snap snap!

snap snap*

When inside the Taxi.. snap snap again!!

wuahahaha!!oh.. left out papa who is in the front seat..pa~~~~

wuakakak! snap!!!! Ok. back to us again!

snap snap snap! OK.. i admit i bring keren ok.. hehehehe!! aiya.. i knot sleep without her ma.. mybao bei.. yeah keren!! *kiss kiss*

Now.. we have terrible long time in the Lrt.. we are like second last station from the west and Kelana Jaya is like the last station at the east.. haih.. bored bored bored…

Yien : eee.. no ppl now.. lai lai~ take picturee..

Lun : okok.. *posing*

Yien : use ur new phone.. the colour very nice mo..

Lun : ya hor.. okok!!!

Yien : wait.. i wanna bring keren out oso!!

Papa Mama : Don wan la…!!!!!

Yien : O lo.. sobx! *nini~ nini~*

Lun : keren later la.. we take first..

Yien : Okies!!! *happie*

Suddenly got some aunties come in and sit in front of us.. thats y keren din take the pictures.. sobx!!

A long time later.. we reach the Kelana Jaya Lrt.. Ride a taxi and headed to One Utama.. Muahaha!! Walking here and there lo.. so many things to eat.. OMG.. i have been non stop eating at KL.. wuakakaka!!! When ah lun is buying his Converse shoes.. me and papa saw the review of the snake exhibition.. got a little small booth for them to display different kind of snakes.. in order to go to the real exhibition which is only at the back.. one person is required to pay RM 8 for adults.. how cheap rite!!!!! too bad SNAKE is mummy’s most most most dead point… hahahaha!! she will scream a hundred miles when she saw snake.. i remember that time we went to Sabah and we went to the snake exhibition.. and leaving mama alone outside the exhibition wait for us.. so kolien.. because of that.. we din go lor.. after ah lun bought his converse shoes.. i bring him to the little booth.. he touch the snake! *FYI.. the lady is holding an Anaconda on her hand as pet i think* and of coz since ah lun touched it.. i must try oso!!!!! THe VERY FIRST time i touch a snake!!! euwwww!! a bit gelik.. but kinda good to touch.. HOHOHOHO!!! I have touched a snake.. to bad not for photographing la..

Ok.. anyway.. we continue walking around until it was like afternoon.. papa is so thirsty and mama is a bit hungry.. hehehe! we walked around one utama is lastly ended at A&W.. ahhahahaha! Aiyo.. i think it has been ages since i went there lo.. A&W at Kuching has never succeeded.. and whenever i go KL.. i will go for burger king instead of A&W and thats y din go for long la.. hahaha!

What’s A&W specialty?

Yeah!! the root beer float! We ordered 2 large ones.. of coz..we wont wan to make ourselves full ma..

And a strawberry syrup wafer with Ice creams! Yums!

Of coz.. not forgeting keren.. quickly pulled out from my beggie and take a photo with her.. haha! I m brave and.. crazy.. hehehehehehhehe!!!

And suddenly ah fweff called me.. Oh.. he is heading to Melaka for the satay steamboat la!! Ah fweff!! i wanna go oso!!! sobx sobx sobx!!! so jealous so envy.. so hungry la!!!!!!!!!

AFter root beer-ing.. we left One Utama and headed to Ikano! yeah! *love Ikano* But however.. papa mama lazy to walk into it so basically.. i din even walk as what i intended lor.. haih!! *disappointed* nvm la.. next time i go again.. ^^ for ikea part.. mummy just straight away go to the lower ground to buy her imported biscuit and so on.. after that.. we went to Pets safari!!

Weee!! doggies are awesome and cute!!!!!!!!!! But too bad we are not allowed to take any photos inside.. Its basically a dog center.. got trimming, training, vet, accessories and many many more.. of coz got fish and reptiles and mousie oso la.. bugs oso! yucks!

ANyway.. there are some pics we taken outside it.. haha! actually we have taken pictures with it last year but for the sake of my blog… yeah.. one more time lor.. *wuahaha*

Papa and mama with my favourite bunny!

ah Lun with bunny as well..

Me.. with small kitty.. hahahahaha! i don like kitty but this fake one is cute bah! muahahha! look like lo ngiao~ *miao*

After that.. we went to The Street.. a lot of ppl is squeezing for something.. not sure.. but its very squeezy so we headed to The Walk.. nth special so go to The Curve underground for my egg yolk bao at BAOZ.. How sad!!!! the BAOZ is no longer there! arrrggghhh!!!!!!! *sad* nvm nvm.. when God close the door… he will leave the window open.. haha.. Ah lun intro us Shih Lin.. which sells taiwan food.. included PAPA and MINE’s FAVOURITE ” O AH MEE SUA” mee sua with oyster la.. hahaha!! Oyster is owes papa and my favourite!! Mama is kinda shocked bcoz she duno hw to eat but luckily ah lun intro mama the XL size fried chicken chop for mama and before we know anything.. mama is in love with it. HoHoHo!!!

this is the shop! i will owes remember this to stalk for more o ah mee sua.. i bet daddy oledi memorize the shop name.. haha

The Vsoy! yums!

Our O Ah Mee Sua!! Omg!!!

The oyster close up!! *OMG!! DROOLSSSS DROOLSSS* cant stop droolingz!

Mummy and ah lun’s XL size fried chicken chop! *thumb ups*

And extra chicken frost eggie roll.. yum! mummy love it too!

AFter that.. we walked around the food ground and mummy wanted to buy chicken pie..

The pie affair?? hahaha.. sure?

This is the pie..

Comment from me.. I personally thinks that the chicken pie is OK.. but not very delicious.. Beef pie is like.. no beef.. only beef stock? Overall.. Don Buy! hahaha! its cost RM 12 for 2.. which is not worth because its not yummy!

Its almost evening time by then.. on the way walking to ikea again.. we saw this little stall..

ANyone know wad is ????? its a famous taiwanese food oso.. haha.. of coz taiwan’s look more better la..

I order one for trail.. i ordered banana with peanut butter.. its a genius choice ok?! haha! its taste delicious and super yummy delicious. just that the skin is kinda too crispy which i don prefer..



And before we went back.. we went to Bread story to buy some bread for tomolo’s breakfast.. because tomolo is ah lun’s convo and we have to reach the place by 7am sth.. too rush for breakfast lor.. hehehee!!

I love bread story because its grreen! *grin*

The famous chicky frost.. which is just ok..


Papa’s favourite.. but ended up we forgot to eat and throw it away. haih*

Mama’s fav.. ee.. i din eat le.. There’s another 2 very delicious one but din take photo lor..

Done! hehe!! i love green!

Its 6pm and we waited for the Free shuttle to bring us to the LRT.. hahaha!!

Ikano got free shuttle.. last time we missed it because of the time and now must try! haha!

While waiting.. me n ahlun go to Cold storage for fun.. wuakaka!!

Oh.. i bought this!! Melon MIlk!!! its super super super delicious ok!!!!! must try! highly recommended.. haha!

-Don squeeeeeze my armsss…- sobx!

We saw this drink.. look nice eh. but din buy la.. bcoz the bus is coming and we rush to pay the melon milk and runnn~ weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee….!!

Its Snacky Saturday.. we ate a lot. we even bought the mamak store chicken wings for dinner.. muahahhaa!! the chicken wings at the mamak store in the condo is super delicious ok! *drools* muahaha!

Stay tune for tomolo’s convo!

-shopping continues-