Lovely Sister-ly Sunday

Sunday is owes the day we girls hang out together.. Owes.. heheh!! Today is fun.. Sunday is owes good.. we went shopping every sundays.. and took tonnes of pictures every sundays.. i just love sundays! weehehehe!!

That sunday we went out late.. like 2.30pm in the afternoon.. Its me, lao mao, pik qii and lamby.. its owes the four of us.. hehe! Lamby introduced us the famous nasi kandar at the newly opened shop at somewhere at the shoplot opposite Saberkas…

Here’s the shop! hehe!

Too bad i have my lunch oledi so no food for me that day. sobx! The food look delicious.. but spicy.. hoho! Once i step into the shop.. Oh.. Simon.. haha! i saw Simon co-incidencely which i haven met him for like years ago.. saw ivy as well.. Ivy look so hot in her normal clothes with tatoos.. she looks great in her formal wearings in Swinburne too. Teehehe!

Anyway.. these are the food we ordered..

Pik Qii’s famous Nasi Kandar.. Look so nice.. especially with her favourite Rendang! i m sure she’s loving it.. and and.. i tried a little sip of the nasi.. WOW!!! spicy spicy spicy!! but nice.. hehehe!

Lamby’s roti Bomb?  sth like that la.. its kaya and butter.. nice! lao mao order one roti planta too.. they look almost the same la.. so i knot differentiate it.. so jus put on pic la.. consider them two inside. haha!

Lao Mao’s another Murtabak Kambing.. woohohoho!! nice!! kambing! my favourite mek mek! Lao Mao is filty rich now so she can eat as much as she can and shop as much as she want.. hahaha!

After lunch.. it was still early.. we wanted to catch a movie at 5.30pm so there are still plenty of time for us. Lao Mao wanted to go The Spring.. Got sales! haha! told u di.. she wanna shop like crazy!

I tried a T at Padini’s but i guess it just don match me.. HoHo.. altho its super cheap bcoz of the 50% off sales.. its jus not my day.. instead.. i try to take a pic in the fitting room and.. woohohoo.. it makes me stop shopping and turn my head to cam whoring when i see more big mirrors around us.. hehehehe!

Today is Lao Mao’s day.. she shopped all the PaDini’s and the rest of us are like busy cam whoring while she is trying out her clothes..

We love mirrors!! just love it.. especially the biggy ones.. Hohohohoho! *fly*

Oh.. lao mao!! come come.. u can see her rushing towards us.. hehe

Again.. Oops.. duno why lao mao suddenly run away when pik qii clicks the fone.. it left a emptyness beside me and me with an empty weird pose.. huhuhu!

I love to appear behind pik qii’s… when she was trying to take her own pictures.. i will just grab my chance and pop up behind her.. Hohoho!

Yay.. got me!!

Yay… even in a small little space in the car.. Hohoho!

After that.. we went to Vincci’s specs section.. Lao Mao wana buy specs for her fren’s bday i gues.. she is trying out the specs.. and so are we..

My favourite colour! Greeny specs!! with pik qii’s reflected blues.. muahah! lao mao bought this in the end.

another shot.. Look at pik qii’s spec.. hohoho! mine turns to red!

Yippi! i love the red one..


Its 5pm now and we have to catch a movie at 5.30pm.. *rush*

Its rush.. but still some time for cam whoring when the traffic light was red! hahaha!

Arrived just on time and we watched The X-files.. pik qii use her privilege book and it only cost us RM 4.50 per person. HohoHo! The movie was great!!!!!

We have nite plan as well.. Kuching Fest! Oh.. this time.. i must try the rice ball.. (as wad i have mentioned earlier).. And i promised i took pictures of it for my brother to see.. haha! see whether it looks the same as the taiwan’s show one..

We went there.. straight to the shop.. haha! this is it!

“hai Dao Fan Tuan” exactly the same as in the taiwan show

The sample.. Oh.. wad a surprise.. so SMALLLL

Lao mao is in a rush bcoz ping how and ah song going to her hus.. ee.. u see.. this kitty.. jealous kami.. sobx! so bcoz of her.. we tabao all our food.. muahaha! we bought 7 biji! wakaka! one each for us and others lao mao tabao back.. hehe!

See the 7 little biji? aiyoo.. so small neh..

But i m still happie! hahahaha! yay! finally got to try!

Argghh lamby!!! *sobx* she snap a photo of me eating.. HohohoHO!

Inside the “fan tuan” contained Chicken floss.. chicken meat.. sausage.. ham.. and.. egg i suppose? haha! outside the wrapping will be rice la of coz.. and piece of seaweed.. Its RM 5… But its REALLY delicious i tell u! I wanna bring papa and mama to eat oso!! must! Monday i ajak-ed them go but the sky is glommy.. so tidak jadi go la.. will go very soon. hahaha!