This post is actually sundays but i was too tired to upload the pics after so-lack-of-stamina badminton battle that afternoon.. haha~~ really need to exercise more often lor.. I was so shocked only after a few months of not exercising my stamina can actually drop like hell! arggggh!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway.. Its sunday  afternoon, as usual.. went for lunch and went shopping.. this is the things we will do mostly every sunday *winks* This week can be considered the first week shopping after my one month revision month.. went to spring.. eat at spring and shop at spring.. how convenient neh!

Ya.. we went to Food& Tea HongKong restaurant.. hmm.. nth special.. you can visit my food blog for more details. =) OOps.. forgot to introduce.. these are the kaki shopping for this week. *hoho*

They both have big and nice coloured-eyes!! how come me so different one~

I ordered my lime juice, lamby ordered her plum juice and pikqi ordered her yam juice.. mostly like normal la.. and we have our rich meals.. ha ha ha! forget about diet on sunday afternoons!! yAY! Yes.. those are our food..

her plum!

AFter makan-ing, we went we booked our badminton court at 5pm.. we have not much time left!! rush for shopping!! we went to a few shops and ended up buying at FOS. haha! cheap wad! I bought 3 and lamby bought 1..pik qi almost rot so she go shop her books at mph! *hiak*

hehehe! add up some i bought few days back.. i got these! *wide grin*

I noe la i noe la.. almost the same colour and pattern ma rite? haha! no ma.. dark colour like black and green look thinner ma.. and i m a big fans of green!!1 *i feel greenish* wuakakakkaka!!!!!!!

Okay, not forgetting the exercise part.. we went o stapok! so many uncles playing badminton la.. some uncles are so too-over “nice” that they give us the bulu tangkis(hoho.. learn from pikqi) for free.. what i mean is ngei ngei wanna giv de that kind.. *swt* and whenever any of us taking our rest.. they sure approach and talk a lil bit.. *eeiks* ANyway.. thankiuk for their bulu tangkis nah~~~~~~~~~~~~

Lamby is the one opposite me! yuuhuuu lambyy~~

The aftermath!! sweating-sweating-sweating!!!! *song!!*

People say, the good thing is owes at the last.. yes!!! when i got home.. my mummy surprised me with her home-made chicken pie.. duno where she got the recipe but damn!! its so super duper nice!! delicious!! fabulous!!! diet plan for today failed!!!!! *cry*

I took good pictures~~ rite?? rite?? rite?? rite??????!!! WUAHAHAHA!!!!!