Whats Sunday for?

Sundays are for Food!? hohoho..

weehehe! its Super sunday again! yes.. sunday is sister days.. means gather along with sistas and shopping around. hoHoHo.. i love to have my sistas around me.. other than my family.. they are really the best for me. just love them. =)

Yes.. perhaps.. before we went loitering around the city and shopping malls.. the most unmissable thing is FOOD.. haha.. we normally went out at 1 or 2pm which is obviously our precious lunch time.. went back at 6 or 7pm sth or something straight away they sent me to church and which is the best time for dinner. *weeee*

So today the most usual topic i will be touching on is Food.. and food.. and food as well.. *grin* Our first station is The Spring.. OOh.. saying about this.. haih.. today is so soi!.. few months ago i met a weird guy who just approach me and keep on asking my name and phone number.. desperately!! which at the ends scares us.. everyone and we ran away.. Yes.. RAN.. we did ran.. is really ran very fast that kind because he is kinda like following us.. Ok.. Today again.. at The Spring.. Hui sze and lao mao whose eyes are really tajam.. they suddenly saw that guy again at the hypermarket there.. then they quickly ask me to go.. but lao mao wanted to buy paper cups so i accompany her go find.. coz i oso din see tiok the guy bah.. we walked and suddenly he is behind us.. lao mao told me and i look back.. he is not looking at us so we just walk quickly away.. when we are choosing paper cups.. he suddenly appear and stand beside me.. again.. asking the same thing.. can we make friends? can i noe ur name… can i have ur number.. keep repeating.. EEIKS!! i just noe how to “LAO mAO LAO MAo”.. i keep squeezing to lao mao and lastly we decided to run.. haha.. this time really run u noe.. and i accidentally knocked haryati oso.. a fren from swinburne.. sorry haryati.. when i happen to read my blog.. u will noe wads wrong.. hahaha! and we met up hui sze.. decided to bayar our bills and run.. hui sze say i m so not careful.. she saw him searching row by row.. but she duno where we are so cant tell us.. hump wu wu.. when we are queueing up.. eeiiks! he spot us.. lamby and I run away first.. he followed out oso.. accordingly to hui sze and lao mao but luckily we are fast.. of coz la.. this is wad i mean RUN ma.. of coz is running fast la.. hahaha!! GELIK LA!!! how come i so got yuan fen with hiM!!! boulevard he scared me.. THe Spring.. he scared me too! he owes lepak at hypermarket isit? *haih*and.. he remembers me…….. *scare*

Ok.. enuf with the geliknes.. i oso suddenly recall back so i write lo.. ha ha! ok.. we before the scary things happened.. we went to Food & Tea for Lunch.


Nothing much to comment because we went there too often.. hahaa! no particular reason.. Oh.. we never get to eat the seafood roll because it is owes out of order.. YES!! u go and try order it during afternoon time they will owes say out of order.. its owes like that since the second week it open til now.. we haven even taste it yet.. so kolien rite.. we can even noe wad he will response before we order.. we even bet for it but still.. haha! today is still.. that one don have wor. *haih* kek sim. hahahahha! but mayb other time they do have la..

Here’s some food we order..

Pik qii’s purple secret. HoHo.. i taste one sip and its kinda nice but if wanna eat it all.. hmm.. too hold i think.. coz its very thick.. pik qii din even finish it.. or i shud say.. she only eat less than 10 mouths. hahaha!

Her Ham and Cheese small pizza.. this one is nice!

For Lao mao’s turn.. her red bean and barley with milk.. Oh.. i love it too!

Her cheesy chicken spaghetti! too yummy oso but a lot of cheese hor..

Lamby’s Tuna pizza.. omos same as pik qii jus that its tuna.. yum! her drink is coffee so i din take picture la. haha!!

Oh.. this is mine!!! pamelo with barley and fuungissss.. haha! nice! love it coz of the pamelo.. Oh.. i think its not called pamelo.. its Bo luo Mik.. hahaha! duno how to say la.. Oh.. jackfruit?? yes! i think so.. i dint eat coz i eat a bit before i come out! *winks*

Dinner time.. haha! fast rite~ Oh. in between we went girl shoopin la.. nth much to share.. FOOD is the main character ok? heheh! Dinner we went to PATIO.. which we owes wanted to go but never went.. we went there because of the privilege book la.. got free garlic bread. hahahaha!!


My drinks picture got corrupted.. haih.. duno why.. but its ok la. i ordered ribena sprite.. laomao’s green tea and pik qii milo. done!

Our food!!

The free Garlic bread.. HoHoHo.. not very nice but still ok.

LaoMao’s fish and chips.. According to her… the fish is a bit too small.. we all agreed but the fish is super nice.. she said. ^^ we din try it coz its small and let her eat la. hehe!

Pik qii’s cheese baked rice! Oh! recommended.. the cheese baked in PATIO is kinda different and special than others we have.. its not too hold which u can finish it without feeling too gelik. ^^ nice!

My curry beef noodles.. haha! yesHH!! PATIO oso got chinese cuisine can~ muahahaha! shocked!! but well.. it taste nice but too spicy la.. u noe la.. i don take spicy things.. knot tahan the spicyness but I love spicy food! hahaha!!! weird rite? i love spicy but i cant take it.. but still.. of coz i order la.. just that owes drink water and sweat nia la.. HoHoHo! *kolien*

ANyway.. overall is great!! yummy! and its not expensive as well.. everything add together is just RM 29.90 and mine is just RM 7.50 with drinks. teeeheheheh! not bad la.. OH..the air con is not cold.. =(

one thing good.. the lightening is kinda good.. which means good for photographing! weehehe! Hmm.. i shud say good for photographing using cell phones la.. hahaha!!

WEEHEHE!! its camwhoring time!!!!! ngei ngei take pictures!! LOOK! we look so fair! hahahahahaha!!!!!!

MUahahah! me and pik qiiii..

We threeee… hohohoho!!

Second time!! oH! i wan to be in the middle! hahahaha!!!

Oh.. not enuf not enuf!! again!

arrrr… i go back to jus now position.. i like this one the most la! muahahahahahahahahaha!

We are photo frenzy! weeeee!