My Double Date & Movie Marathon!

Its our 3rd double date at cinema this month!! My double dates are My daddy & Mummy. Me & Dar. This time.. we decided to do sth different.. we went for a movie marathon for 3 movies straight…


7.30pm we had Orphan. 9.00pm we had Kung Fu Cyborg and 11.00pm we had Tracing Shadow.

Now here.. would really like to share the movies i had with u guys. The first movie “Orphan”… We are late for 5 minutes.. but luckily.. i guess we didnt miss out much lah. hehehe!

Well.. for those we LOVE exciting and heart pumping movies… I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS!!! Omg Omg!! I just love this movie.. one of the reason is bcoz the ending is so UNPREDICTABLE.. am not going to sabotaj u here so go watch urself!! hehehe! Although my heart is pumping fast all the way until the movie finished.. i still love this movie! AWESSOMEE i can say!

Like what our premium Gordon do.. i wanna rate my opinion for the movie too!!

I’ll give it : 9.5/10

“Orphan” took about 2 hours so officially we missed out half an hour for our second movie.. “Orphan” finished at 9.30pm and our second show “Kung Fu Cyborg” actually starts at 9pm. hehehe! but hor.. i don really mind bcoz i m fully satisfied with my first movie di…

About this movie.. basically theres nth to shout about. The storyline just ok.. the only thing which may attracts ppl is the transformation into cyborg. BUT HOR… its just like a lower secondary class of transformers. IMITATION LA to be precise. hahaa!! But got a bit kolien at the ending there when the guy died lah.. ooooops.. did i just say the guy died? teeheheh!

I’ll give it : 5.8/10

“Kung Fu Cyborg” finished at 10.45pm. Means we still have 15 minutes to loiter around before our Third movie “Tracing Shadow” which start at 11pm.

Hmmm… my suggestion.. if u r a busy person.. please don go and watch that movie. Such a waste of time. Lousy Storyline.. Not funny at all and a bit stupid. Forget about it.

But hor.. if u r in a very very very very very good mood.. mayb can giv it a try.. Mayb u can giv face and laugh a little. teehehe

i’ll give it : 3/10

Next target : FINAL DESTINATION 4!!! I am aiming for it since final destination 3 shown…!!! HAHAHAHAH!! Am going to watch it at MBO Hopefully!