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Melbourne : Mornington

Another magnificent seaside or you can called it beach is at Mornington, Frankton.. About an hour drive from the city.. There’re plenty stuff to do in frankston such as Winery and wine tasting.. plucking strawberries and cheeries when they are in the season.. going to the maze and botanica garden… Sand scrupturing.. shaving the sheep […]

Australia Avalon Air Fare (Part 1)

Anyone like aeroplanes?? or Jet?? or Helicopter?? or wad-so-ever that can fly??! Teehehe!! I m kinda lucky to come over to Melbourne on March.. And also thanks to Mr.Anson la.. if not because of him.. i wont be able to go to so many nice places!! So he told me Avalon Air Fare is here.. […]

Melbourne: Healesville Sanctuary

I went to Australia Air Show on saturday actually.. but too too too many pichas to edit so i decided to post up my trip to Healesville Sanctuary first.. Its recommended by Darren.. and thank you so much for bringing me there.. I like the place.. as compared to Melbourne Zoo.. Cause Melbourne Zoo got […]

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