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KL : Convo

Its Sunday! yesh! TARC convo is on Sunday.. weird rite? he he! but good oso la.. coz more people are free during sunday ma.. ^^ And of coz.. wake up super early that day.. i was actually having a very nice sleep but too bad have to wake up early as ahlun have to reach […]

Just done!!! weeee..

Yeah!! i just done resizing my photos and add watermarks on them.. a lot can..~ *sobx* Anyway.. everything is done liao.. but my eyes are super sleepy again.. hohoho! SO again.. wait til tomolo lo have to.. I got seminar the whole day tomolo at Hilton so i think the best choice for now is […]


weehehe! i just reached kuching not long ago.. Well.. for some famous ppl.. maybe reaching the hits of 1000 wasnt a big deal.. but for me.. hehe!! i am so happie!! *hugs hugs for ppl who read my bloggie* My blog is established at the 23 of June and now is like 15 of july.. […]

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