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It has been a horrible one week for me to begin with September. And it will be even worse next week. I hope October will be gentle to me. Things always gets better they said. 🙂 Today’s post gonna be fussy. Thought it over and over for the past two weeks. Holding back a lot […]

Raining Day . Sunny Day

The weather is so unpredictable.. it can be a hot sunny 30 degree Celsius day for an afternoon and heavy down pouring in the next minute. Bibi (ahlun) just boarded. So emo to see him leave… so i stay in the room watching momok talk show when papa send him off to airport. kekekeke!! Safe Flight bibi… […]

No Title

Sometimes its not always good to be positive all the time. Shits happened all the time, most of us will just try to ignore it and persuade ourselves to get back to the intended situation. It moves on for a lot of people, for a very long period of time. But suddenly when you have […]


Wasnt feeling well today. Well.. i think i am kinda feeling uneasy just now. Theres an eerie on my back. 🙁 Silly enough to have a nightmare even its like a half an hour nap. HUHUHU! Now… what should i do? 5.44am I am like a dead zombie.. Slept at 3am last last night.. wake […]

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