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Day 2 of September

I think i need a hair cut. My bangs is very annoying. Thought of going for a hair cut with lao mao this afternoon but ended up.. i decided to wait for like.. maybe a week or two because am planning to get a proper hair cut. Not only to trim my bangs as planned […]

1st Day of September

Yesterday was Independence Day. Intended to blog but blog exceed bandwidth. *huhu* Anyway.. i did nothing during Independence Day.. was loitering at home.. pacing around at home.. playing with my keren and busy thinking name for the new bear bear.. ended up mummy called her miuky* For me, theres nothing much to celebrate for Independence […]

These days..

I werent in a very good situation now. Kinda confused and.. i duno wad to do.. I lose my temper easily.. i don like this at all but things just werent seemed right. Making a decision is hard. But having everyone to APPROVE your decision is even HARDER. I thought i could figure out sometime […]

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