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What to eat in Hualien? (2/2) 花莲美食

Continuation of What to eat in Hualien? (1/2) 续集花莲美食1篇 Hualien is a very peaceful town with less population and a lot of greens. Its slower in pace if compared to the big city like Taipei and KaoShiung. If you are looking for a more relax place to visit, Hualien is what you are looking for. […]

What to eat in Hualien? (1/2) 花莲美食

After the guide to Hualien, its time for the food! Different travellers have different perspective and liking when it comes to travelling. For me, I eat to understand the country. So do expect a lot of food in all my travel posts. Street food is something you cant miss in Taiwan. We spent 1 full […]