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San Francisco Steakhouse @ KLCC, KL

He say he gonna bring me to somewhere for nice food.. and.. when we reached there.. i was like.. OMG! perfect choice! Thankiuk for the expensive food!! i Must say.. the food is heavenly awesome.. the environment is good.. service is excellent.. everything is just 100%! Must camwhore in such a nice place kan! *teeehehe* Oh… forgot […]

Chilis’ @ KLCC

Managed to grab a sinful dinner with my bro at KLCC just now.. it has been ages since i felt sooo bloated! hahahahaha! Chilis’ ….! This is not my first time there but.. wad can i say? Its always the best to dine with family *love* *hmmm.. the face saying : i wan everything” Lun’s […]


I thought this time i should be able to reach KL on time. But stilll…. DELAYED for more than one hour in total..!! *hmpf* merajuk sial! The plane was there. i waited for until 12.30 thinking that we should b able to go in di coz normally if the flight is 12.45pm.. we will board […]

FOOD i had in KL

Oh.. should i say i have tooo many pictures to post and too many outstanding post to update? huhuhu! i think i will just make it short and show u all the nice nice food altogether lah…! U can see every table had this.. The famous Lou xu fan at china town i suppose…! Char […]