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I am learning photoshop!

Gosh.. i just learn how to use photoshop the day before and it is like.. wow.. its killing me actually.. very complicated for beginners like me.. sobx..! When i looked at xiaxue’s clicknet TV teaching people how to use photoshop.. i was like.. wow.. actually it is quite easy, BUT when i really came into […]

I have Jagung everyday..

Yes.. I have jagung almost everyday for a week oledi.. haha.. i think nowadays are jagung season thats y i can see mummy hand carry with lotsa bundle of jagung everytime she came home from work.. Even when we are webcaming with bibi at night.. he is shocked as well to see mummy snack is […]

Just a little sip of me..

People tend to say that if you are sad, you can write good stuff.. but is it true? I am not sure.. but i believed that when you are sad, you can write a lot.. a lot more than when you are happie. I guess its just a human nature because when you are sad, […]

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