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Preview : 3 in 1?

Okeys! i might need some time to edit my pics for prom… especially when assignments are loaded like crazy! hehe! so just a little preview on everything.. oh gosh.. i got so many post on queue..! *sobx* The prom was.. hmm.. ok.. but luckily i met lotsa great ppl!! *woots* Banana pie is owes my […]

Chinawut Indracusin ( Chin )

Okay.. i know i promise to sleep early just now but i wake up suddenly in the middle of the nite.. 10 minutes ago.. i listen to some jay’s latest album and suddenly thought of one chinese song i listened through MY FM. Well.. Guess what, that very nice chinese song is actually sang by […]

Theme Changed

Yup.. So far for now.. i got a temporary theme for myself.. hehehe!! Ok.. this is my first time doing a theme for myself.. weeeeeehehehehe! *happpieee* But still.. its a bit cacat lor.. giv me some time!! i will go for my advisor SAAD.. hahahha!!  I duno how to use photoshop well so still a […]

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