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I love Dresses.. who doesnt? ^^ After i have done with my assignment just now.. i kinda go for a LITTLE shopping spree with my sistas!! Long time no shopping liao hor.. Intended to buy a cap for hair.. but.. haih! it ended up trying those dresses coz there is no cap around.. >.<“ Yea.. […]

Lovely Sister-ly Sunday

Sunday is owes the day we girls hang out together.. Owes.. heheh!! Today is fun.. Sunday is owes good.. we went shopping every sundays.. and took tonnes of pictures every sundays.. i just love sundays! weehehehe!! That sunday we went out late.. like 2.30pm in the afternoon.. Its me, lao mao, pik qii and lamby.. […]

Whats Sunday for?

Sundays are for Food!? hohoho.. weehehe! its Super sunday again! yes.. sunday is sister days.. means gather along with sistas and shopping around. hoHoHo.. i love to have my sistas around me.. other than my family.. they are really the best for me. just love them. =) Yes.. perhaps.. before we went loitering around the […]

Kluang Station!

Yup.. Its Sunday and Its for we.. ladies gathering.. haha! Went to buy lao mao’s bday present actually but shh.. not too loud.. Don let her know.. hoho!! Went to the Spring.. First attempt is MNG.. which ended up da jie buy her stuff.. hoho.. we took some pictures too.. *remember? i picture a day […]

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