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Tagged by Sharon^^

Happie new year sharon!! huhu! i so guai do ur tag liao hor.. hehe! i wont repeat to tag the people she tagged wor.. so timmy!!! u are so so so lucky hor hor hor..! Rules & Regulations * Do not copy answers. * Tag questions must be 100% same. * Tag people before doing […]

SUper Long TAG!

At first when i saw this TAG in my fren’s blog.. i was like… luckily i dint got tagged! so long u know.. and u know wad…the next minute i was relief.. i look into another blog … and… i got tagged!!!!! OMG!! and hor.. i m so bored now and i did the tag! […]

Tagged by Zesan

Since i m waiting for the youtube to load my videos.. i will just do some tags here! *lala* wooots! i have been tagged!! by this pretty lady Zesan! I think i have left out a lot of tag eh.. if i forgotten to do.. just leave me a msg o! *nyek* 8 Things i […]

I am Doubled-tagged! -The Love Tag-

Updated : Hoi HOI ppl! i might change my points here as a lot of people has misunderstood that i m hinting someone.. NO la hor!! i m NOT refering to anyone.. its Just some Basic points which i believe all girls will want their ideal lover to be.. so.. in order to prevent misunderstandings.. […]

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