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When Dupy Was 5Kg

Well.. my life recently is kinda boring and the same so there is nothing much interesting to write on. A bit moody recently and have no idea what i wanted to say. Haih.. Life has ups and downs thats for sure.. Oh.. cant wait to go travelling again bcoz travelling makes me happie and relax.. […]

Dupy so lihai 2day!

This post will specially dedicated to Dupy as her outstanding performance today. heheh! As you know.. Dupy is chubby and lazy.. all she loves to do are to hang out at Daddy’s aircon room, watch tv with us on my daddy’s lap, eat in her yellow bowl, try new food from my mummy and sleep […]

Me result! *happie*

Actually i knew my result few days back but i waited for the result slip to make it better looking. haha! Yes.. I was at Hilton during the result published and thankie to dearest Leonard for calling me and surprised me with that.. After i knew the result is published.. hoho! make me nervous the […]


Oh.. i m so tired resizing all the pictures.. *sobx* Too Much things to update i guess.. =( Coming Up Next… …….. …… …. .. . My Last Day At KL Result Out!

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