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Tokyo 3 : Shopping at Harajuku & Shibuya

[26.11.2013] Day 3 is shopping day. It means that there will be less photos and even if there are.. those photos were all taken by my pathetic Samsung Note 2. 🙁 I woke up earlier.. as usual.. and Bun was still asleep.. Took a very quick shower and off i go to secretly explore the […]

Tokyo 1 : Harajuku, Angel hearts crepe, Yoshinoya, Shinjuku, E Hotel Higashi

[ 24.11.2013] Tokyo Day 1… Bought our tourist 2-days pass & suica metro card for our one week trip in Japan. 2 days pass is definately recommended if you have planned your itinerary well because the cost of the metro ticket in Japan is definately not cheap at all. Both of us had literally spent […]