10 Things to Eat in Osaka

The famous places to visit in Osaka are most probably Kuromon Market, Dotonbori and the rest of Namba area. I’ll blog about the 23 Must eat food in Kuromon Market and now some for Dotonbori and Namba area!

DSC00034 DSC00035 DSC00045 DSC00075Dotonbori is busier and merrier during evening time but late noon is crowded as well. You can find all types of food here.. so come, lets hunt!

1. Takoyaki

DSC00137 DSC00141One of Osaka’s national food. There’s a lot of takoyaki shop at Dotonbori street but… look the one.. with the longest queue. Extremely delicious..! Its far more delicious than all the takoyakis ive eaten throughout Japan!

2. Gyoza (pan-fried dumplings)

DSC00142 DSC00144-horz

DSC00143Never skip this one! Just so good. At first I was doubting myself.. like.. its just gyoza.. and you can get gyoza anywhere.. so common… But thanks to my appetite that day, I was craving for gyoza and that’s the best decision I’ve made. The skin of the gyoza is so crunchy so thin.. and the stuffings..I have no idea what they added but its so fragrant.. becareful when you bite it, its juicy! Top-Notch!

3. Kushikatsu (Deep fried skewers)

DSC00489We ordered the pork and asparagus, cheese stick and mushroom! Not too bad! I don’t fancy fried stuff so.. yea.. I think fried food lovers would definitely love it!

4. Ichiran Ramen

20160214_120631One of the famous chain ramen restaurant in Japan. You can most probably find Ichiran ramen everywhere throughout Japan. However, quality is still good and its open 24 hours!! Breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner and even supper!

20160214_122147Oh they have a message for you at the bottom of the bowl. I can never finish that big bowl of ramen so I can only show you Kelvin’s.

5. Pablo cheese tart 

DSC00049I would say almost everyone who visited Osaka will try this. For me, its ok. A bit disappointed and its definitely overrated and overreacted! I mean seriously, do you guys really think its nice? 

DSC00053 pageWe had the choco banana tart, green tea red bean tart…

DSC00061 DSC00065and the original signature cheese tart. Hmmm.. for me. I would say its ok. Won’t go back for another one I guess

20160214_141309_mr1455551886494Good thing is.. the cafe is very comfortable and we took wefie!

6. 555 Horai meat bun

20160220_165734Bun lovers I love all the buns.. and this one is the King of the buns!! 

20160220_165553 20160220_165648OMG so good. The stuffing is so flavourful. Although the colour looks very pale but trust  me, it taste better than it looks. I only discovered this 3 hours before we head to the airport.. if not, I think I will buy this everyday as snack! HAHAH!

20160220_165952Oh, they do have meat dumplings too. Its good as well but i still prefer the bun!

7. Candied sweet potato

20160220_165313 20160220_170331Its candied sweet potato. There’s a layer of sugar water on the sweet potato, its not too sweet but it added a crunch for the sweet potato. Yums!

8. Japanese curry rice

DSC00151Ok the one we went actually claimed that they have more indian curry recipe in it. But still, it taste like Japanese curry rice. I love customized curry rice.. Just add whatever you like in your curry!

9. Luke’s lobster rolls and lobster mac ‘n’ cheese

DSC00068 DSC00069Lobster and crab claws. Why do you wanna eat this while you are in Japan? Wrong. Its a good choice to order this!

DSC00070The generous amount of lobster meat stuffed in the lightly toasted baguette, sprinkled with their special sauce. A mouthful of heaven.

And what’s better than the lobster roll? THE LOBSTER MAC AND CHEESE

DSC00071 DSC00073Probably the best mac and cheese ive tried in Asia country! Its extremely cheesy and creamy but on the other hand its light and you can easily finish the whole plate!

20160214_152531We are loving it!

10. Frozen kirin beer

20160220_132335 20160220_132727_pLook at the ice cream look alike toppings? Its actually frozen ice foam. The beer is extremely cold. Normally you have cold beer, super cold beer and now, frozen beer. Please try when you are in Osaka!

20160220_132911-horzWhether its a hot sunny day or cold winter days, a frozen kirin beer never let you down!

So what’s your favourite Osaka food?