HuaLien + Taichung Itinerary 2014 花莲台中之旅

YEA I KNOW.. I know I mentioned I will not go to Taiwan anymore in this 5 years time. Sometimes, it is just so hard to predict. Just a random day when we were watching some Taiwanese show introducing the food… and… a moment later, to check on AirAsia and… thanks to the AirAsia’s affordable price…. KK – Taiwan.. return flight is only RM 378! How to resist right? Straight away.. we booked ours. Random trip with random parents and my ahzui. This time, we plan to go Hualien and Taichung!

Hualien + Taichung 6D5N Travel Guide

Day 1 : [HuaLien]  来成排骨 | 花莲到处走走 | 自强夜市

Day 2 : [HuaLien]  公正包子 | 周记蒸饺 | 太鲁阁 | 七星潭 | 海埔蚵煎

Day 3 : [TaiChung]  抵达台中 | 阿秋大肥鹅 | 一中街 | 逢甲夜市

Day 4 : [Taichung]  第二市场 | 妖怪村 | 麻辣火锅

Day 5 : [Taichung]  萧控肉饭 | 清境农场 | 彩虹村 | 东海夜市

Day 6 : 回家!

Temporarily I’ll just post up these mandarin version of Itinerary because I’m still struggling to look for the correct english name for those. Hehehe.. and in the meanwhile when i m writing this is kinda rush.. so… Will Update Soon!! 😀